Vaping Warning: Pupils Rushed to Hospital After Using E-Cigarettes

Vape Warning After Pupils Rushed To Hospital After Using E-Cigarettes

Several students from The Mountbatten School and The Romsey School, both in Romsey, were rushed to the hospital after using vapes. According to a letter sent to parents on 26 May, some students experienced high heart rates, confusion and, in one extreme case, fitting.

The letter also stated that it is suspected that the contents of the vapes were not what they appeared to be, and this is currently being investigated. Parents of both schools were urged to work together with the schools to safeguard their children’s health.

The incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of using e-cigarettes, particularly among young people and children. This comes amid a 50% rise in the number of children trying vaping in the United Kingdom’s last year.

Government Crackdown on Vape Marketing

Recently, Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed that the government is initiating a new crackdown on vape marketing to prevent the targeting of children and young people. Many retailers have been giving free vape samples to children, often resulting in increased experimentation and use.

The government also announced its review of the rules on giving fines to shops illegally selling vapes to underage children.

Staying Safe from Vaping Dangers

It is illegal to sell vapes to minors in the UK, but underage vaping remains a growing concern. Parents can take further action to keep their children safe by paying close attention to their children’s behavior. They may also talk to their children about the dangers of vaping or look for support from organizations campaigning to keep children vape-free.

Dangers of E-cigarettes also include a link to lung cancer, dehydration, and nicotine addiction. With the increase of vaping, there has also been a rise in vape-related injuries due to exploding vapes and issues with the e-liquid.


The incidence of several students at The Mountbatten School and The Romsey School being rushed to the hospital after using e-cigarettes is a warning that the dangers of vaping are real and possibly lethal. The government’s new policies will hopefully help to reduce the number of underage vaping cases reported, but parents and guardians also have an enormous role to play in safeguarding their children’s health and safety.



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