Meet the Wirral Mum whose CBD Oil is Making Waves Against Postnatal Depression

Meet the Wirral mum whose

A Wirral woman named Natasha Doran, who struggled with postnatal depression during lockdowns, has created a therapeutic grade of CBD oil that has been highly effective in managing its symptoms. She calls it ‘Hemp Aid’ and claims that the oil is having profound results.

Natasha started experimenting with Medicinal CBD, a cannabis-based medicine used to relieve symptoms. She launched Hemp Aid, a range that has since soared in popularity due to its strength and efficacy.

The range offers different grades and bottle sizes, but the 9000mg ‘super strong’ blend has become highly sought-after. It is organic, vegan, mixed with hemp seed oil, and free from chemicals. It comes in 10ml, 20ml, and 30ml bottles at an affordable price.

The ground-breaking range was founded by Natasha in November 2020, after her long struggle with postnatal depression and anxiety, and has gained many orders within her first six months of trading. The product has become so popular, mostly through word of mouth, that she is already going wholesale in venues such as gyms and beauticians.

Natasha Doran’s Journey

Natasha explained that during the COVID-19 lockdowns, she had just given birth to her little boy and was suffering from postnatal depression.

While exploring natural remedies, her partner suggested CBD to help her conditions and body aches from going to the gym. They found that it helped them both.

The research and experimentation led them to realize that there are many low-grade products available and that finding potent and natural alternatives that are safe and effective could be a challenge.

Natasha began contacting suppliers worldwide and experimenting with different grades and ingredients. After over a year of research and independent lab testing, she and her partner created the organic and natural 9000mg CBD blend with cold-pressed hemp oil and other organic ingredients.

The feedback became so incredible, and word of mouth spread so fast, that they decided to create Hemp Aid Ltd. in November 2020.

The Success of Hemp Aid

Natasha and her partner have successfully shared the CBD with friends and family; some of them have conditions ranging from pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

The oil has helped in managing the symptoms of these conditions. Natasha emphasizes that they cannot claim to have a ‘miracle cure’ or give medical advice. Still, they are determined to supply only the best and most effective CBD products at an affordable cost while prioritizing natural and organic ingredients.

Hemp Aid is now preparing to go wholesale, after successful trials with local businesses. Natasha works on a 50/50 basis with stockists, allowing them to share 50% of the product sales with Hemp Aid.

For more information about Hemp Aid and their products, visit their website.

Disclaimer: While CBD oil has been proven to be helpful with conditions such as anxiety, pain, and addiction, it is essential to seek medical advice before using it for medical conditions to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for you.

Image Credit: Justin Hopper



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