Swedish Parliament Votes Against Ban on Vape Flavours


The Swedish Parliament rejected a ban on vape flavors, which is a significant victory for vapers and those who support reducing tobacco-related harm. The proposal, introduced by the Ministry of Social Affairs in February 2022, would have prohibited all non-tobacco vape Flavors in nicotine and non-nicotine products.

Sweden achieved smoke-free status in 2018 by promoting the use of a nicotine alternative product. Many were caught off guard by the sudden announcement of the ban. Experts and organizations advocating for tobacco harm reduction have raised their voices in protest against the ban. They have emphasized the detrimental consequences it would impose on individuals who have successfully quit smoking.

The World Vapers’ Alliance (WVA) organized demonstrations and sent a powerful letter to the Swedish parliament, urging them to stop the proposed flavor ban. The group is concerned that if the measure is implemented, the 150,000 ex-smokers in Sweden who currently use e-cigarettes may be forced to start smoking again.

In the end, local policymakers voted against the ban, much to the delight of vapers and tobacco harm reduction advocates. “Today, we celebrate a huge victory in our fight against smoking. According to Michael Landl, the Director of the WVA, flavors play a crucial role in aiding smokers to quit.

However, the fight to protect vape Flavours is far from over. Flavor bans are in place in seven European countries, and more have fflavorbans on their legislative agendas. Politicians are also discussing bans at the EU level. The WVA, along with other advocacy groups, will persistently strive to guarantee that politicians attentively heed consumers and make decisions grounded on scientific evidence.

This decision by the Swedish Parliament is a step in the right direction towards promoting tobacco harm reduction and protecting the rights of vapers. It remains to be seen how other countries and policymakers will respond to this development.

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