NYs Women In Cannabis: Kimber Arezzi


Curaleaf’s director of sales, Kimber Arezzi, sat down with NY Cannabis Insider to discuss the barriers women face in the cannabis industry and how companies can support gender diversity at the senior level. Women are still vastly underrepresented in cannabis, and the issue isn’t just limited to New York. From 2019 to 2022, executive-level females in the cannabis industry have seen their representation drop from 37% to 23%, despite the fact that women-owned businesses are a critical part of New York’s social and economic equity strategy, according to the MRTA. Even though women make up more than half of the cannabis workforce, fewer than 10% hold leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies. The “broken rung” phenomenon is the main reason they aren’t promoted as often as their male peers. Fear of stigma is another significant challenge for women working in cannabis, making them vulnerable, particularly professional mothers. To support women in leadership roles, companies must provide opportunities for junior associates to grow into new roles. Trademarking brands and obtaining legal counsel familiar with cannabis, such as Purdy Trademarks and Cristina Buccola, can also provide support. Arezzi encourages women in the industry to keep taking up space, show up for their community, and be supportive, kind, and gracious to one another. The NY Cannabis Community is full of inspiring women, including Tracey Henry, Melissa Gibson, The Dank Duchess, Dasheeda Dawson, Tanya Osborne, Saki Fenderson, and KymB from TribeTokes. If you want to connect with Arezzi, you can reach her via email or Instagram.

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