Greenwich Council Criticizes Newsagent for Neglecting Proper Training

Greenwich Newsagent Blasted After

A Woolwich-based newsagent called Confectionary Box has been heavily criticized by Greenwich Council after a staff member was found selling a watermelon-flavored vape to a 16-year-old who posed as a volunteer. The incident raised a major concern about the employee not being properly trained.

During a licensing review meeting held by the council, Ian Andrews, who heads the trading standards department, recommended a set of conditions for the shop’s license. The conditions include introducing a Challenge 25 policy, which means requesting identification from anyone who appears younger than 25, keeping a refusals log, and adding a CCTV system to the shop.

Mr. Diallo, the license holder for Confectionary Box, explained that his son was working in the shop on the day of the incident when a staff member failed to show up for work. His son, who had not been properly trained, sold the vape to the 16-year-old, believing that the young volunteer was old enough to purchase it. Mr. Diallo stated that he had never faced any issues with his license in the past.

The council has yet to release its decision on whether Confectionary Box will have its license renewed. Notably, during the review meeting, Mr. Andrews raised concerns that the sale of the vape may indicate a risk that the shop could potentially sell alcohol to underage customers.

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