Mint Cannabis Giving Away Pre-Rolls In The Heat

Mint Cannabis Giving Away Pre-Rolls In The Heat
Mint Cannabis Giving Away Pre-Rolls In The Heat

Mint Cannabis Giving Away Pre-Rolls In The Heat

Mint Cannabis, a cannabis dispensary with five locations around the Valley, has announced an exciting summer promotion. Starting this summer, on days when the temperature reaches over 110 degrees at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Mint Cannabis will be giving away free pre-rolls to customers who visit their locations.

Raul Molina, the chief operating officer and co-owner of Mint Cannabis, expressed his enthusiasm for the promotion. “For the people who are willing to come out, there’s no purchase necessary,” he said. “We like to do cool stuff like that just because this is a real cool industry to be in.”

As a resident of Arizona since 1991, Molina understands the heat and how it affects the local community. He mentioned that every year, when the sun becomes unbearable, people tend to hide away until the heat subsides. Mint Cannabis wants to provide something enjoyable for those who are staying indoors during the scorching summer heat.

Molina anticipates approximately 20 to 30 days when the temperature will reach over 110 degrees. On those days, customers who visit Mint Cannabis will receive a complimentary flower pre-roll, which typically costs $6. These pre-rolls are very popular, with Mint Cannabis selling approximately 120,000 of them per month. The dispensary also frequently gives away pre-rolls as part of other promotions and offers.

Mint Cannabis is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and regularly offers special deals and promotions. They have previously provided discounts for Veterans Day and encouraged customers to bring their family members to the dispensary. These initiatives have been well-received, and Molina expressed his appreciation for the support they have received from their loyal customer base.

Although Mint Cannabis has five locations, Molina emphasized that it still feels like a mom-and-pop shop. The dispensary started as an idea between friends in 2016, and they have worked hard to establish themselves in the industry. The application process to start a dispensary was relatively simple when they applied, but Molina acknowledged that it has become more challenging and merit-based now. Despite the increased difficulty, Mint Cannabis has the experience and knowledge to navigate the application process successfully.

One of Mint’s locations is in Cave Creek, which is the largest dispensary in Phoenix. Molina spoke highly of the area, noting the high amount of traffic and customer engagement they experience. The dispensary also requested a variance to increase their size to 5,000 square feet, making it the largest dispensary in Arizona at that time.

Mint Dispensary’s staff is dedicated to helping customers and providing meaningful conversations about cannabis consumption and its potential benefits. They appreciate all forms of support from both consumers and non-consumers, as it has played a significant role in advancing the industry.

If you find yourself in the Valley on a scorching hot day this summer, be sure to visit Mint Cannabis and take advantage of their generous offer. Enjoy the heat with a free pre-roll and experience the friendly and knowledgeable staff that Mint Cannabis is known for. Don’t miss out on this exciting promotion from one of Arizona’s top cannabis dispensaries.



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