GVSD Considering Installation of Indoor Vape Detectors

GVSD Exploring Installation Of Indoor Vape Detectors

Garden Valley School Division (GVSD) officials are considering installing vape detectors in some schools due to concerns about indoor vaping. According to Superintendent Dan Ward, while vaping may not be exclusive to high schools, it’s where usage is highest.

“Parents, staff, teachers, and principals are all worried about the health impacts of vaping, especially its long-term effects on teenagers and young people,” Ward said.

In addition to health hazards, Ward also explained that vaping in restrooms can make others uncomfortable, which is another issue the school division wants to address.

As a result, school officials are researching various vape detector models used by other Manitoba divisions. “We are considering a product with a vape sensor, which is commonly placed in places where students gather to vape. When the sensor detects the presence of vape in the air, it alerts a school administrator. The main goal is deterrence. We don’t want vaping in our schools,” Ward said.

However, while vape detectors could help address the issue, Ward also emphasized that it’s not a complete solution. Therefore, GVSD would continue to take an education-first approach where the division would collaborate with various organizations and guidance counselors to provide resources and support to deter vaping. Furthermore, Ward assured that the school would extend care and support to students dealing with addiction.

The GVSD is still researching various detection devices, and it may take some time before installation. Nevertheless, the school division has already put in place deterrents to vaping in schools.

The report was compiled with files from Pam Fedack.

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