Melbourne Food Tour: Experience Melbourne’s Best Eateries in One, Two, or Three Days

Melbourne Food Tour with Sofia Levin

If you’re in Melbourne during the long weekend of Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June, explore the city’s best eateries with food writer Sofia Levin’s exclusive one, two, or three-day food tour. Sofia Levin is a food and travel journalist and founder of Seasoned Traveller, an international food and travel guide.

The Ultimate Melbourne Food Tour with Sofia Levin

Join a food tour of Melbourne’s acclaimed diners, including ARU Dining and Gimlet, alongside some of the city’s most underrated hidden gems. From difficult-to-book restaurants to multicultural neighbourhoods with fantastic diners, experience diverse cuisine in just one tour.

Three-Day Tour

Experience Melbourne’s best eateries with the three-day tour. Here’s what to expect each day:

  • Day One: An interactive coffee and brunch experience in Fitzroy; visit to Chae in Cockatoo for a kimchi masterclass, followed by lunch; and a progressive CBD crawl at some of the city’s hardest-to-book restaurants (Aru, Gimlet, Serai).
  • Day Two: Mid-morning brunch at Big Esso to taste strange food ingredients and learn about native Australian ingredients; CBD food crawl across cultures, through arcades and laneways; special experience from Melbourne to “Thailand,” where you’ll learn about wine-and-cuisine matching, taste bias, and what you’re missing when you order pad thai; and optional knock-offs visit to a bar after dinner.
  • Day Three: A five-hour food crawl in Footscray, travelling from Italy to Vietnam to Ethiopia without leaving the suburb. This day also includes a visit to Free to Feed in Fitzroy North for a dinner of shared cuisine and personal stories of two beautiful souls from Afghanistan and Myanmar.

Book the Ultimate Melbourne Food Tour with Sofia Levin

Book your one, two, or three-day tour on the Best In Travel website. Use the promo code BROADSHEETFAM for $100 off the full weekend.

Join Melbourne’s ultimate food tour with food writer Sofia Levin for a weekend full of fantastic food, native ingredients, and multicultural experiences that will make lasting memories!



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