Letters to the Editor

Letters To The Editor

Cannabis Education

The Boston Herald recently missed a great opportunity to provide valuable information to cannabis consumers and patients regarding the public health, public safety, and prevention and education work being done in Massachusetts to help keep kids and drivers safe. The newspaper editorialized, “States must address downsides of legal weed,” but omitted any mention of the fact that Massachusetts became the first adult-use cannabis state in the nation to adopt a curriculum to educate residents about the risks of marijuana-impaired driving.

The curriculum called “Shifting Gears: The Blunt Truth about Marijuana and Driving” was developed with the help of Cannabis Control Commissioners and will be taught to around 50,000 young drivers annually. Safety is a critical concern for our agency and we ensure regulated cannabis products are packaged in child-resistant containers, free of bright colors, and avoid imitating foods or beverages, cartoons or any items associated with minors.

In addition, parents and guardians play an essential role in keeping children safe from accidentally consuming cannabis. They should keep their purchase safely and securely locked up. Legal products have mandatory labels with universal symbols on the packaging, warning that cannabis products are not safe for kids. It is essential that adults keep their cannabis products out of reach of youngsters and talk to them about the risks of underage consumption.

Conversation starters are available on our website, MoreAboutMJ.org.

Kimberly Roy, Public Health Appointee to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission

Quincy Taxes

The City of Quincy taxpayers are seeing another huge property tax increase but have nothing to show for it. Mayor Tom Koch’s frivolous spending on projects such as a general bridge and the statues in front of City Hall has used our money without transparency regarding the costs to taxpayers.

The city council approved Koch’s spending, and it’s time to replace the mayor and police chief quickly and start bringing revenue back to the city. This city also needs a new hospital as the mayor had our hospital replaced with more houses and condos that this city doesn’t need.

Charles Dennehey Jr, West Quincy


This article addresses two topics, cannabis education and taxes in the city of Quincy. The Boston Herald missed an opportunity to provide vital information about cannabis regulation and safety concerns. However, Massachusetts is the first adult-use cannabis state to adopt a curriculum for reducing marijuana-impaired driving. Parents and guardians are urged to keep the cannabis products safely locked up to prevent accidental exposure for children and teenagers. The Quincy taxpayer needs better transparency and accountability for the city’s tax increase. The city council should replace the mayor and police chief to bring in more revenue to the city.

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