Former Vaping Addict Warns of Dangers After Lung Collapses

Vaping Leaves Man

Jonathan Belcher from Covington, Virginia, began vaping at the age of 17 and eventually became a severe addict, consuming an equivalent of “20 cigarettes a day.” However, he was left “looking death in the face” and suffering excruciating pain in his left shoulder, like a “balloon about to pop.”

He experienced a distressing episode of waking up breathless and enduring intense pain in his left shoulder. He was rushed to the hospital, where he broke down in tears upon hearing that his left lung had suffered a collapse and contained a hole.

When his lung failed to heal naturally, he underwent a challenging surgical procedure to extract the collapsed section, resulting in extreme pain and discomfort. Surgeons inserted a tube to remove trapped air, which was beginning to crush his lungs and heart in a condition known as pneumothorax.

There, surgeons had to remove a portion of his lung because it had “died” due to the restricted flow of oxygen. Although his lungs are now able to function on their own, they will be weaker for the rest of his life. He now struggles to sleep, and his weakened lung leaves him feeling winded after simple tasks such as phone calls.

Jonathan has completely quit vaping and now wants to warn others of the potential dangers of using the devices. He urges those struggling to quit to think that this will happen to them and not look at it as if it happens.

Vaping has been a popular alternative to traditional smoking for years, but it is essential to understand the risks and potential dangers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that vaping can lead to severe lung damage or even death, especially with the use of black market vaping products. Education and awareness are crucial to avoid any further health complications.

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