Chiang Mai Teens Caught Vaping and Using Inhalants in Public

Chiang Mai Teens Seen Vaping, Sniffing Glue In Public In Downtown

In Chiang Mai, a group of teenagers all under the age of 16 shocked onlookers with their behavior in public. The group was seen near the historic city moat using electronic cigarettes, sniffing glue, frolicking in the water, and dancing provocatively. Despite people taking photos of them, the teens fled the scene. The presence of alcohol bottles, cigarette packets, and plastic bags with adhesive still remaining on the ground raises concerns over the situation and calls for responsible agencies and parents to examine the matter closely.

The incident also shines a light on the increasing use of electronic cigarettes among teenagers in Thailand. Although e-cigarettes are not officially legal in the country, many teenagers still use them. Advocates for legalizing e-cigarettes argue that it would make it easier to control usage among young people and make vaping safer than traditional cigarettes. You can read more about this here.

It’s essential to protect children from harmful behavior that could lead to legal problems or worse. Preventive measures and guidance and support from responsible agencies and parents can help safeguard their futures.

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