Akron Men Wanted In Connection With June 9 Vape Store Armed Robbery

Akron Men Wanted In Connection With June 9 Vape Store Armed Robbery

Three Akron men are wanted in connection with a June 9 armed robbery at a Kent vape store. Arrest warrants were issued Wednesday for Quartrez Marquise Spy, 21, Jovi Romello Proctor, 25, and Joseph K. C. Moore, 20, according to Portage County Municipal Court in Kent records. Spy and Proctor are charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping, while Moore is charged with complicity to aggravated robbery and complicity to kidnapping. All of the charges are first-degree felonies.

The incident occurred at Lightly Toasted Glass and Vapors located at 247 N. Water St., in Kent. Surveillance footage showed two men entering the store at around 3 p.m. on June 9. One of the suspects brandished a gun and threatened the clerk, while the other suspect stole cash and merchandise. After the robbery, they fled the scene in a gray, four-door Chevrolet sedan through the rear door of the store.

A few hours after the incident, Brimfield police stopped a vehicle that matched the description of the suspects’ car. However, there was not enough evidence at the time to hold the three individuals in the vehicle, and they were released. Kent Police Lieutenant Mike Lewis stated that further investigation led to the identification of Spy, Proctor, and Moore as the individuals involved in the armed robbery.

Lewis explained that Moore is believed to have been the driver of the getaway vehicle while Spy and Proctor committed the robbery inside the store. The charges of kidnapping and complicity to kidnapping were based on the act of restraining and forcibly moving the store clerk against their will.

This armed robbery at Lightly Toasted Glass and Vapors follows a similar incident at Flash Vapes on East Main Street in Kent on May 27. However, a 17-year-old Brimfield boy was arrested and charged in connection with that robbery, and the two incidents are not believed to be related.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Quartrez Marquise Spy, Jovi Romello Proctor, or Joseph K. C. Moore should immediately contact the authorities. This remains an ongoing investigation.

For more information on this story, please contact reporter Jeff Saunders at [email protected].

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