Young Mum Almost Died After Vaping Left Her Unable To Breathe

Young Mum Almost Died After Vaping Left Her Unable To Breathe
Young Mum Almost Died After Vaping Left Her Unable To Breathe

A mum feared her toddler would develop up with out a mom after being rushed to hospital unable to breathe due to vaping. Jodie Hudson discovered herself struggling to catch her breath whereas strolling round her home and days later was rushed to hospital with vaping-related pneumonia.

The 26-year-old, who lives in Worksop in Nottinghamshire, had swapped cigarettes for vapes two years in the past – however by no means suspected what she assumed was a much less dangerous different would result in a hospital admission. The council employee, who’s mum to two-year-old Dillon Hudson, mentioned she was smoking her vape ‘wherever and in all places’ – and had no speedy plans to stop earlier than changing into unwell.

After Jodie started experiencing intense emotions of breathlessness, she was rushed to A&E at Bassetlaw Hospital the place medical doctors warned her of the dangerous influence vaping was having on her lungs. Whereas there, she was so scared she nervous she could by no means see her son once more – whereas her mum informed her if she would not stop vaping, she ‘would possibly die’. The well being scare has led Jodie to swear off the e-cigs for good – and the mum is now warning others to avoid the ‘extremely addictive’ merchandise.

She mentioned: “I started smoking cigarettes when I was about 18 and when I got pregnant with my son I quit. Afterwards, when he was born, my partner was vaping and I just thought I’d have a go because it seemed healthier because it doesn’t have all the tobacco in and I really liked it.

“I really discovered it to be much more addictive than smoking cigarettes. Vaping you’ll be able to select any flavour and you do not have that residual flavour on you want cigarettes. I simply obtained hooked on them.

“When I was using disposable ones I went from buying them two to three times a week to every day. I was just smoking it anywhere and everywhere. It was like a shisha bag, it was a lot more leisurely than a nicotine addiction even though it was very much a nicotine addiction.”

However Jodie’s well being took a flip for the more serious as she quickly developed tonsillitis and struggled doing each day duties round the home with out changing into out of breath. Jodie mentioned: “The weekend before I’d smoked a whole vape a day and then on the Monday, I thought I had tonsillitis and really wasn’t well. I couldn’t eat, I struggled breathing, I kept waking myself up snoring because my breathing was that bad.

“On the Saturday I actually wasn’t feeling nicely and had a panic assault as a result of I used to be so afraid of how little oxygen I used to be getting, I simply could not operate. I used to be strolling round the home and utterly out of breath. My mum mentioned do you need to go to A&E? She mentioned it is advisable go, it is advisable assist.

“I was struggling to walk – I couldn’t catch my breath. Just walking from the car to A&E, I was shaking, sweaty, I had to sit down almost straight away, I felt so dizzy. I could hardly get my words out – I hardly had energy to talk. I just wanted to sleep.

“When you’ll be able to’t breathe, you’ll be able to’t do something. I obtained there and just about immediately I obtained put right into a room due to how low my oxygen was. I had low blood strain and my coronary heart price was by way of the roof – it went as much as 130bpm.”

Jodie underwent a number of tests including an ECG and chest x-ray which confirmed a diagnosis of vaping-related pneumonia. Jodie said: “I wasn’t shocked however I assumed this might find yourself being one thing much more severe if I do not cease it now.

“My mum said to me you really do have to quit, you might die. The doctors said it’s obvious vaping is having an effect on my lungs. They didn’t say whether there’s permanent damage or anything but I’ve got to go back for another x-ray to check that.

“After they had been contemplating admitting me, I assumed I am by no means going to get out of this hospital. I simply needed to see my son yet one more time. It was scary. I do not need my son rising up with none dad and mom.

“They just said you’ve got to stop because it can get so much worse from here.”

And the mum mentioned she is ‘stuffed with regrets’ over the influence each on her well being and funds that vaping has induced. Jodie mentioned: “I’m now an asthmatic because of all this. I’m probably going to be on inhalers for the rest of my life.

“I’ve so many regrets – it is simply been a waste of cash and it is killing me. It is cash I may’ve spent on life and now I’ve to spend more cash on prescriptions. It has been such a wake-up name. Earlier than I used to be staggering making an attempt to stop vaping, now I’ve simply completed it chilly turkey.

“I’m never smoking or vaping again. People always think it’s not going to be them. It’s never you until it’s too late. This is definitely the wake-up call I needed, it’s going to kill me sooner than anything else.

“Now I inform everybody to simply stop – you do not want another motive than your personal well being, save your self. It is a waste, you are killing your self.”


Vaping-Related Lipoid Pneumonia is when inhaling oily substances found in e-liquid sparks an inflammatory response in the lungs. Symptoms include a chronic cough, shortness of breath and coughing up blood or blood-tinged mucus, according to John Hopkins Medicine in Maryland, US.

Research published in the BMJ [British Medical Journal] suggested that e-cigarettes may cause a potentially life-threatening lung inflammation in susceptible people.

The 2019 paper outlines a case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis – a condition in which the air sacs and airways in the lungs become severely inflamed – in a 16-year-old boy, who developed respiratory failure thought to be caused by the fluid in e-cigarettes.

Professor Andrew Bush, one of the research’s co-authors and Royal Brompton’s consultant paediatric chest physician, said: “This case may be very disturbing. We merely have no idea the long-term penalties of vaping. We do not know what’s in these gadgets and liquids, subsequently, how can we probably say they’re protected to inhale into our lungs? They need to be stored out of the arms of younger individuals.”



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