WVU Issue Campus Warning After Student Reports Attempted Robbery

WVU Issue Campus Warning After Student Reports Attempted Robbery
WVU Issue Campus Warning After Student Reports Attempted Robbery

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) – West Virginia University Police issued a Campus Warning after a student reported that a man came into their study room and tried to take their vape pen.

The student said that an unidentified man came into their study room at around 3:30 p.m. and when he tried to take their vape pen, the student forcefully pulled it away and left the area.

UPD are increasing their patrols and presence in the area around the downtown library.

The suspect had been seen before in the area, but has not been associated with other incidents as of right now.

The alleged suspect was described as a tall, white male, with brown hair and scruffy beard. UPD provided a photo of the person.

No arrests have been made. Officers are actively reviewing information as they work to locate the suspect. If you have any information about this incident or the suspect, please call 304-293-COPS (2677) or visit the department at 992 Elmer Prince Drive, Morgantown. Information may be shared anonymously.

They also provided a list of safety tips for avoiding potential crime:

  • Anyone who believes they are in danger should immediately call 911.
  • Download the WVU LiveSafe app. LiveSafe can be used to contact University Police directly and pictures/messages could be immediately shared.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be cautious in confronting suspicious persons.
  • If harassed or assaulted, scream and attempt to run for safety.
  • There is safety in numbers. If you feel you are being followed, cross the street, yell, run and find a well-lit area.
  • Stay in well-lit or heavily populated areas as much as possible. Avoid alleys, vacant lots, wooded areas, and other short-cuts or secluded areas. They are usually not well-lit or heavily traveled.
  • Know your neighborhood. Identify police and fire stations, libraries, emergency telephones – as well as the hours of operation of local stores and restaurants.
  • If you witness a potentially dangerous situation or a crime, call 911 or WVUPD.
  • If you encounter an emergency situation on campus, utilize the blue light emergency call system, if available.

For a list of University resources and more information, read the full report here.

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