Why Do Canadian Cannabis Products Get Recalled for Incorrect Labels?

Why Are Canadian Cannabis Products Recalled For Incorrect Labels?

Since the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada in late 2018, the Canadian government has issued 42 cannabis product recalls. Almost 69% of these recalls involved labeling problems, according to Health Canada’s recall database. Many of these recalls involve minor issues, such as mislabeling THC and CBD percentages. These labeling recalls can harm the reputations of companies and the regulated industry in the eyes of the public.

Labels are Essential

Labels provide essential information about cannabis products, such as origin, potency, usage, and hazards. Consumers need accurate information to evaluate and choose products. However, mistakes happen; cannabis label errors can occur anywhere from data entry to the printing stage.

The Cons of a Label Recall

Inaccurate labeling negatively affects brand image and can result in mistrust and negative perceptions. Mislabeling can become a severe threat and impact the vendor, producer, and relationships with provincial cannabis wholesale boards. Investors, consumers, and businesses perceive the cannabis industry in general through the public’s view and may become skeptical of continuous cannabis recalls.

What can be done to Avert Label Recalls?

Companies in the cannabis industry must regularly assess and review their labelling procedure to check for labeling errors and avoid them, advising that multiple team members check the label to detect deficiencies and errors. Moreover, staff training on standard operating procedures also plays an essential role. Standard protocols ensure consistency and quality, and personnel perform required procedures correctly. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can also help automate the labeling process.


Producers must adhere to Canada’s packaging and labelling requirements to prevent regulatory repercussions. Follow the best practices to minimize labeling errors, reduce recalls and alleviate mistrust from society.



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