What to Do with Already Vaped Bud (AVB) in 2023: Tips and Ideas

Already Vaped Bud: What To Do With AVB In 2023

After vaping, many people just throw away their used herbs without realizing that they’re still useful. Already vaped bud (AVB) still has many cannabinoids that can be used in various ways including making edibles, vaping again, and more. So, before discarding your herbs, read on to discover how to make the most of them.

Table of Contents

  1. Already Vaped Bud Defined
  2. Things to Do With Vaped Bud
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About AVB
  4. Final Thoughts on AVB

What is Already Vaped Bud?

Already vaped bud is cannabis that has been used in a vaporizer. Most people throw it out without thinking, but there are still cannabinoids in AVB cannabis that can be utilized. Herbs that have been vaped have a light green or greenish-brown color. The darker they get, the less that can be done with them. Blackish herbs cannot be used for anything.

Things to Do With AVB

A recycled vaped cannabis is more affordable than buying new cannabis repeatedly. Moreover, there are all kinds of things that can be done with it, including making edibles, smoking, and vaping it.

AVB Edibles

Already vaped weed can be repurposed to make cookies, brownies, and other pastries, but this first requires ABV cannabutter, a key ingredient for pastries that utilizes AVB cannabis. Making this cannabutter requires a high amount of vaped herbs because it is less potent than fresh cannabis. AVB cannabutter is an excellent spread on toast and crackers, and it can be melted and added to popcorn.

ABV Tea and Coffee

Using vaped herbs to make tea and coffee is also possible when used in milk. The vaped weed can be added to milk and microwaved for an hour until the milk absorbs the THC and CBD. Alternatively, it can be heated on a stove. Afterward, the milk should be filtered using a cheesecloth or coffee filter and added to freshly brewed tea or coffee.

AVB Capsules

Putting vaped bud in capsules is the most natural way to use it. This is because the ABV weed has already been decarboxylated; it only has to be mixed with coconut oil, put in capsules, and then swallowed.

AVB Concentrates for Wax Pens

Already vaped weed can also be used to make concentrates, but more AVB cannabis is needed than usual due to its lower cannabinoid count. The process of making concentrates is similar to using fresh weed. After extraction either using a rosin press or alcohol, the wax can be separated and used in a vape pen or bubbler.

What is AVB smoking?

Already vaped weed can be smoked but it is best to smoke ABV weed that has only been vaped once to get the most cannabinoids out of it as possible. Water curing the vaped herb can improve its flavor.

How to Water Cure Already Vaped Bud

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