Washoe Commission Hits Brakes On Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licensing The Nevada Independent

Washoe Commission Hits Brakes On Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licensing  The Nevada Independent
Washoe Commission Hits Brakes On Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licensing The Nevada Independent

The title of the article is “Washoe Commission Hits Brakes On Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licensing.” In light of this title, let’s explore the dynamics and implications of cannabis consumption lounges in Washoe County.

Cannabis consumption lounges have been a topic of great interest and debate in recent years, particularly as more states in the US have decriminalized or legalized the recreational use of marijuana. These lounges provide a unique space for adults to gather and consume cannabis in a safe and regulated environment.

However, for Washoe County in Nevada, the road to allowing such lounges has hit a roadblock. The county commissioners recently voted against moving forward with licensing cannabis consumption lounges in unincorporated parts of the county. This decision has significant consequences for businesses like SoL Cannabis, which had received preliminary approval from the state Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) to open a lounge.

Currently, SoL Cannabis, an already licensed dispensary, would have been the first establishment to operate a cannabis consumption lounge in Northern Nevada. However, with the Washoe County Commission’s decision, their plans have been halted. The other two businesses with preliminary approval to open consumption lounges are located in Clark County.

The approval process for consumption lounges has been cumbersome. Although a bill was passed to legalize consumption lounges two years prior, the CCB’s approval must be followed up by local jurisdiction authorization. In Clark County, this was updated in December 2022, allowing lounges to open. However, in Washoe County, a similar proposal was voted down in January 2023.

Commissioner Mike Clark, who oversees the district where SoL Cannabis is located, requested that the commission revisit the cannabis consumption lounge ordinance to gauge any changes in public opinion. SoL’s owner, Ed Alexander, held town hall meetings to address citizen concerns. Despite these efforts, the majority of public commenters expressed opposition to the establishment of cannabis lounges, primarily citing concerns about public safety.

One specific concern raised was the lack of provisions ensuring that lounges are located along public transportation routes. This would minimize the risk of patrons driving under the influence of cannabis. These concerns are valid, as impaired driving, whether induced by marijuana or alcohol, poses risks to individuals and the community. While data on the impact of marijuana-impaired driving is limited, studies do suggest that impaired drivers, regardless of substance, are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes compared to sober drivers.

The vote against allowing cannabis consumption lounges in Washoe County was split along party lines, with Republican commissioners Mike Clark, Clara Andriola, and Jeanne Herman opposing and Democratic Commissioners Mariluz Garcia and Alexis Hill in favor.

The decision by the Washoe County Commission to hit the brakes on cannabis consumption lounge licensing reflects the ongoing debate and varying attitudes toward the presence of these establishments. While there is growing acceptance and recognition of the benefits of regulated consumption spaces, concerns about public safety and the potential impact on communities still have a great influence on decision-making. The future of cannabis consumption lounges in Washoe County remains uncertain, but the discussion is likely to continue as perspectives evolve and new data emerges.



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