Vape Recycling Service Launched in Worcester to Tackle Litter

Vape Recycling Service Launches In Worcester In Bid To Tackle Litter

VPZ, the UK’s largest vaping retailer, and WasteCare have launched a recycling service to tackle litter and environmental hazards caused by discarded vaping devices. The service is available in all VPZ stores, including the one in the Shambles, Worcester, and on Bridge Street in Evesham. Vapers can dispose of their e-cigarettes or vapes safely in-store and have them treated at WasteCare’s plant in Elland, West Yorkshire. The companies hope the partnership will educate vapers to take greater responsibility and adopt more sustainable, reusable products while cleaning up local environments nationwide.

Vaping, Government Policy and Littering

VPZ wants the UK government to introduce tighter controls for the sale of vaping products. Unregulated and imported disposable vaping products are readily available in local convenience stores, supermarkets and general retailers, leading to littering and potential environmental hazards. The company has called for an appropriate “Challenge 25” policy, adult smoker and vaper consultations, and licensed sales of flavoured products similar to current practices in New Zealand. These measures could help to secure the progress of vaping in the UK by transforming the health of the nation and meeting its smoke-free targets.

Peter Hunt, Managing Director of WasteCare, said: “Every vape contains a lithium battery and our plant is designed to safely recover the precious material from the vaping device, as well as the metal and plastic components in it.”

Vapers in Worcester can recycle their devices in a safe and responsible manner while being environmentally conscious. This latest initiative complements Worcester’s drive in reducing litter and environmental pollution.

Image credit: VPZ



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