Vape Chip Aims to Prevent Teenage Vaping

Vape Chip Wants To Prevent Teenage Vaping, But At What Cost?

Underage vaping has become such a significant issue that companies may soon add tracking chips to every vape device, making them visible and traceable by law enforcement. Dave Morris, the creator of Trace/Verify software, is the brain behind this innovative idea. Once a manufacturer of e-liquid, Morris turned his attention towards ensuring that vapes do not become accessible to underage users. His objective is to make sure lawmakers do not impose new legislation that would curtail the choices of adult vapers.

How Does the Tracking Chip Work?

Trace/Verify software uses an RFID chip installed in a device to track vapes. When purchasing the device or e-liquid bottle, adult buyers are required to present their state-issued ID, which is then scanned and stored on the chip. If a minor is caught with a vape, authorities can scan the chip to trace the original purchaser or vendor. This system aims to eliminate straw purchases where people of age buy vapes, and later resell them to minors.

Preventing Underage Vaping

Morris developed Trace/Verify software to address the problem of underage vaping, which is primarily driven by adult influences. The majority of young vapers get their stock from adult buyers and people they know. To combat this, Morris designed his software to appeal to the industry and adult vapers, who need to take proactive action to reduce vaping by minors.

Morris’s Intentions for Trace/Verify Software

In creating Trace/Verify software, Morris had very noble intentions. He wanted to prevent a new epidemic of nicotine addicts and curtail the government’s overregulation of vaping. Morris sees inaction on underage vaping by the industry as self-sabotage. To overcome the industry’s indifference, Morris developed Trace/Verify for industry and adult vapers, targeting unscrupulous vendors who sell to underage buyers.

Trace/Verify or Follow/Spy?

Morris initially expressed concerns over privacy while developing Trace/Verify software. The information garnered from the chip is not sensitive but only provides the buyer’s name and state. This data is useful to authorities because they can run it through a DMV database to find the person’s address or place of employment.

Will Vape Companies and Customers Adopt Trace/Verify Software?

Currently, only one company has committed to adopting Trace/Verify software, and the response from vapers has been tepid. Some feel that Trace/Verify software is an overreaction to a problem that could be efficiently solved with regular ID checks and fines for violators, which are measures that currently exist.

While the Trace/Verify software may be an excellent tool for curbing underage vaping, it remains unclear whether the industry and adult vapers will adopt it universally. At present, the existing control mechanisms may still be sufficient.

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