Unlicensed Cannabis Shops Busted in Manhattan

7 Manhattan Pot Shops Busted In Unlicensed Cannabis Crackdown

New York State officials have conducted a crackdown on unlicensed cannabis shops in Manhattan. According to the State Office of Cannabis Management, seven shops were busted for selling unlicensed cannabis products. These shops were ordered to stop, or else face a penalty of up to $10,000 per day.

This bust was the start of a widespread crackdown against unlicensed cannabis shops that have sprung up across the city ever since recreational marijuana became legal. The goal of this crackdown is to protect individuals who were promised a shot to start a legal business and be successful.

The Consequences of Unlicensed Cannabis Shops

Gov. Kathy Hochul and other officials have expressed concern over unlicensed weed shops, arguing that they not only sell untested weed but also undercut efforts to give back to communities that were hardest hit by over-prosecution of past marijuana laws. The crackdown aims to shut down these businesses and ensure that individuals have access to legally licensed cannabis that is safe for consumption.

The Shops in the First Wave of Busts

The seven shops that were busted for selling unlicensed cannabis products include:

  • Varieties on Broadway – 736 Broadway
  • Roll 2 Nation – 738 Broadway
  • Baby Jeeter – 793 Broadway
  • Maze – 16 St. Marks Place
  • LaGuardia Smoke – 510 LaGuardia Place
  • Nomad – 59 West 30th St.
  • Play lane – 117B West 23rd St

The Enforcement Actions

The enforcement actions signed into law by Hochul were carried out by teams of inspectors with the Office of Cannabis Management and State Department of Taxation and Finance. The inspections are the first step in shutting down unlicensed cannabis shops. These new enforcement actions have been included in the most recent budget.

This crackdown is an excellent step towards ensuring that everyone has access to safe and legally licensed cannabis in New York City. It is crucial to support legally licensed cannabis shops and promote their growth in the industry.

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