Two Alabama Businesses Obtain Limited Medical Cannabis Licenses

Two North Alabama Businesses Awarded Medical Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) recently held a meeting to grant a limited number of medical cannabis dispensary licenses. Amongst the nearly 100 applications submitted during the application window, RJK Holdings AL LLC, Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries LLC, CCS of Alabama LLC, and Statewide Property Holdings LLC were granted licenses. However, News 19 has not been able to locate the exact locations of the last two named businesses due to their highly redacted applications.

Two businesses that garnered licenses were RJK Holdings AL LLC and Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries LLC. RJK Holdings AL LLC is an established pharmacy owner in Lawrence County, but the owner, Ben Moultrie, has yet to confirm the dispensary’s location. Meanwhile, Yellowhammer Medical Dispensaries LLC aims to operate a dispensary in Owens Cross Roads with a location listed on Highway 431 in the area.

While medical cannabis businesses in Alabama are getting their operations together, it is important to note that smoking cannabis or marijuana in Alabama remains illegal, and the sale of the actual plant is prohibited. For medicinal purposes, only products authorized by the State (such as tablets, capsules, tinctures, gels, oils, and creams) will be available for purchase and sale in the dispensaries.

As a prerequisite for purchasing medical cannabis, certain requirements must be met by patients including being a legal resident of Alabama, being diagnosed with an approved disease, and having obtained a medical cannabis card. Terminal illnesses and conditions deemed “debilitating” are among the listed approved diseases, with some examples being cancer, epilepsy, depression, and autism.

The granting of licenses by the AMCC is a significant stride in bringing medical cannabis to Alabama; however, physicians still need to complete the certification process to recommend products to qualified candidates, and businesses must set up and operate.

For more information about the Alabama medical cannabis program, visit their website.



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