Tracy Cannabis Collective Opens On 10th Street

Tracy Cannabis Collective Opens On 10th Street
Tracy Cannabis Collective Opens On 10th Street

Tracy Cannabis Collective Opens On 10th Street

The Tracy Cannabis Collective has officially opened its doors on 10th Street, making it the first storefront in the city to offer adult-use cannabis products in accordance with Proposition 64. After a two-year wait, including nine months since gaining approval from the Tracy Planning Commission, the final steps came together last week, allowing the business to finally open.

Michelle Trew, one of the owners of the Tracy Cannabis Collective, expressed her excitement about the opening. They had a final inspection with all the necessary departments, including the police, fire, and building, and once Tracy Police Chief Sekou Millington signed off on the occupancy permit, they were ready to welcome customers. The opening day saw a line of 15 to 20 people, even in the scorching heat.

Tracy Cannabis Collective is just one of several cannabis retailers to receive city and state permits. As they awaited permission to open, they actively engaged with the community by hosting open houses and educational events at their site. The public has been overwhelmingly supportive, and the business has built a dedicated following even before selling any products.

Tracy had previously allowed medical cannabis dispensaries, but the legalization of adult-use cannabis under Proposition 64 opened up new opportunities for businesses like Tracy Cannabis Collective. The city established its own ordinances in December 2019 and devised a system to prioritize which businesses should receive permits. Initially, the plan was to limit the number of dispensaries to four, but after objections from some applicants, including proposed operations other than retail storefronts, the Tracy City Council expanded the limit to 11.

Tracy Cannabis Collective, with Michelle Trew as a Tracy resident for nearly three decades, was among the 11 businesses granted a permit. After obtaining their state permit and Tracy Planning Commission approval, they can now join the downtown business mix. The Tracy Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony, and a grand opening event was scheduled with vendors and featured guests.

As Tracy Cannabis Collective continues to grow, they are actively stocking their shelves with a variety of cannabis products. In addition to cannabis flower and edibles, customers can expect extracts, tinctures, beverages, and infused oils and creams. The products will range from those with high THC, which have intoxicating effects, to those strictly containing CBD for therapeutic uses.

To ensure compliance with California laws and city ordinances, customers must be at least 21 years old and show a government-issued ID. The business also requires customers to become members, signing an agreement that holds them accountable for following the law and respecting the establishment and other patrons.

The owners of Tracy Cannabis Collective, all with experience in the cannabis industry, were present for the soft opening and are looking to expand their staff. Applicants must pass background checks before being considered for employment.

Overall, the opening of the Tracy Cannabis Collective on 10th Street marks an exciting milestone for the city of Tracy and its residents. With the support of the community, the collective aims to provide quality cannabis products and exceptional service to those seeking adult-use cannabis in the area.



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