Shocking Footage of Child Being Pressured to Vape Emerges

Shocking Footage Of Child Being Pressured To Vape Emerges
Shocking Footage Of Child Being Pressured To Vape Emerges

In a disturbing turn of events, a recently surfaced video has caught the attention of child welfare authorities and sparked concerns about the well-being of minors in South Australia. The footage, which was supplied to 7NEWS by concerned members of the public, shows a young girl being pressured into vaping by her older sister.

The video, currently under investigation by the South Australia Police and the Department of Child Protection, shows a child who appears to be no older than 10, being handed a vape by her sister. As the young girl takes a puff from the device, her sister can be heard laughing in the background.

This is not the first vaping-related incident involving minors to be reported in the state. Just a few weeks ago, another video surfaced showing a four-year-old child in Adelaide’s northern suburbs being handed a vape device and instructed to “suck.” After complying, the child blows out the emitted smoke. In response to this incident, South Australian Police reported a 16-year-old boy for supplying a tobacco product to a minor, with the matter to be handled by the Juvenile Justice System.

These incidents are not isolated cases, as similar incidents have occurred across the country. In a separate incident in New South Wales, a teen mother was captured on video watching as her infant sucked on a vape held by his aunt, causing national outrage.

The growing concern over the prevalence of vaping among young people has led to a crackdown on illegal nicotine sales in South Australia. In just eight weeks, more than a thousand vapes were seized across Adelaide. Health Minister Chris Picton expressed his concern regarding the ease with which young people can access vapes, often unaware of the highly addictive nicotine content they contain. Urgent action is needed to address the alarming rates at which young people are becoming hooked on vaping.

As investigations continue into these recent incidents involving minors and their exposure to vaping, it is essential for authorities, parents, and society as a whole to prioritize the well-being and protection of children. Minors should never be subject to coercion or pressure to engage in harmful behaviors such as vaping. This troubling footage serves as a stark reminder and call to action to ensure the safety and proper upbringing of our youth.



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