Pasco City Council Votes to Lift Ban on Retail Cannabis

Pasco Votes To Lift Retail Cannabis Ban

The Pasco City Council has lifted the ban on retail cannabis at their June 5 meeting with a vote of 4-3 in favor. This decision allows cannabis to be sold in three commercial and industrial zones within the city, opening up new avenues for business growth.

The process to lift the ban began on October 11, 2022, when the Council decided to analyze the regulatory process of repealing the ban. On January 17, 2023, the Council voted to adopt Resolution No. 4303, which identified the potential of allowing the sale of retail cannabis in industrial zoning districts through the use of conditional use permits. Resolution 4303 was rescinded on February 21, and on March 6, the Council approved Resolution 4328, which amended existing zoning to allow retail cannabis sales in three commercial and three industrial zones within the city.

With the lifting of the ban, cannabis will now be able to be sold in licensed facilities located in three commercial and industrial zones within Pasco. However, marijuana production, processing and cooperatives will still be illegal, and retail cannabis stores cannot operate within 1,000 feet of a school, playground, recreational center, child care center, public park, transit center, library, or all-age arcade. The number of retail cannabis facilities will be limited by ordinance to three, with four stores total as long as one is a “social equity licensee” based on guidelines from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. A six-block buffer zone between Columbia and Clark Streets and between 2nd Ave. and 5th Ave. will allow one business to lease their building to a retail cannabis shop.

The lifting of the ban is set to take effect five days after its approval, pending any publication requirements.



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