Monroe County’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Opens At 4:20

Monroe County’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Opens At 4:20
Monroe County’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Opens At 4:20

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HENRIETTA, N.Y. – Ryan Martin and his wife Maila Lowery have been waiting a long time for this. You may recognize them from previous stories News10NBC has done about people trying to enter the legal cannabis market.

At 4:20 on the dot, they open their doors. For the past few years, several lawsuits held up any forward motion for them. It was frustrating and, in the meantime, they’ve been paying rent, going through screening, and prepping security.

Owner Ryan Martin says it was hard not to lose hope at times, but he never lost sight of the end-goal.

Inside MJ Dispensary, all their products have been tested by New York State. Martin says you can expect a wide range of items from near and far. He says part of his mission, is giving back to the community.

“There were times where you lose your confidence throughout the process, with a lawsuit, and another lawsuit, and then another, and another, gets a little frustrating but with perseverance, and determination we made it through,” Ryan Martin said. “We’re very excited to be able to collect the tax dollars, help the disenfranchised communities, 40% of the money will go towards those communities.”

While this is an exciting day for the Martins, there are still several dispensaries waiting for approval to open. Some haven’t even been given a license, like Flower City Dispensary.

Those owners say they’re fearful they may have to wait until April for the state to issue any more licenses.

No word on when the next dispensary will open – the state tells me, everyone’s timeline is different. There are over 15 other businesses with licenses in our region at the moment. Applications for the next batch of licenses are due December 18 – those applications will be open to anyone with or without a previous marijuana conviction 



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