Maltese Government Discusses Non-Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Model with INCB

Government Discusses Recreational Cannabis Use With International Narcotics Control Board

The Maltese government is engaged in talks with the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) to develop a regulatory model for non-medicinal cannabis use. The discussions prioritise the principles of reducing harm and risk, promoting social justice, and enhancing public health. The Maltese Parliament recently partially legalised recreational cannabis, allowing individuals to possess up to seven grams and grow four plants at home.

The Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) is accepting applications from people interested in creating non-profit cannabis clubs as of February. During the meeting with the INCB, the Malta delegation focused on the country’s work with the ARUC and Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations. The government is committed to keeping the regulatory model flexible to address drug trafficking in the illicit market. The discussions were productive, and the government hopes their regulatory model can serve as an example to other countries.

Leonid McKay, CEO of ARUC, emphasised the importance of decriminalisation and the regulatory framework facilitating adult cannabis consumption in a safe environment. The ARUC’s regulatory framework is used to oversee the personal use of cannabis by adults, with a non-profit approach that focuses on education and community security.

Besides meeting with the INCB, the Maltese delegation also met with other countries to discuss regulatory models on non-medicinal cannabis use. Recently, Malta introduced new cannabis regulations that allow larger growers to use greenhouses and serve up to 500 members with chain store dispensaries.

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