Laudium Residents Unite to Tackle Service Delivery Problems

Laudium residents grow tired of service delivery problems, launch own initiative

Residents of Laudium have taken matters into their own hands after months of complaints and conversations with metro officials that went nowhere. The new service delivery initiative, led by acting director for community service in region 4 Lorraine Maudi and ward 61 councillor Naeem Patel, aims to address the numerous service delivery issues that have been plaguing the area.

Patel called a meeting two weeks ago to discuss the service delivery backlog resulting from the metro’s budgetary constraints. Invited departmental heads joined the meeting, where they discussed how to implement a service delivery checklist without requiring significant funding. As part of the initiative, the residents and the team took it upon themselves to clean up the area around the CBD and tennis court. They cut the grass, trimmed trees obscuring traffic and repainted road markings.

Many businesses were visited by MMC Peter Sutton, who was shocked at the state of Laudium. He has formally requested that Mayor Cilliers Brink visit the area and discuss possible solutions to the problems there.

The ongoing initiative will also see residents and the team work on fixing stormwater drains and potholes, with a follow-up visit planned for the next three weeks.

Residents and Officials Collaborate

Residents were not alone in their work. CPF members Suhana Dewala and Shaheen Wahab, CPT Ashraf Pakree, SGT Simon Chokwe, SAPS teams, and residents alike worked on the initiative.

The Langar Khana prepares and supplies meals to the 60 staff members of the City of Tshwane involved in the project.

MMC Sutton Impressed, Wants Initiative Implemented Nationwide

MMC Sutton described the initiative as an impressive start and has proposed its expansion to cover the entire city.

The initiative has come a long way in addressing service delivery problems in Laudium, with residents and council officials coming together to make a difference. This initiative is a reminder that local action works, even when government officials do not prioritize service delivery.

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