Join the #BanDisposableVapes Movement on World Environment Day

Campaigners Back Record

The Daily Record is encouraging everyone in Scotland concerned about disposable e-cigarettes littering the environment to participate in World Environment Day by becoming a “vape crusader.”

On this day, the publication will take to the streets to discover the severity of single-vape littering in various neighborhoods. The Daily Record recommends readers to do the same and assess their local areas to determine the pollution levels. Moreover, the Record invites readers to contribute to the clean-up process by joining their litter-pick organised for the day or perhaps even share a count on disposable e-cigarettes found.

If an individual possesses relevant equipment, for example, gloves or litter pickers, they are welcome to help clean up the streets. Furthermore, readers are encouraged to contact the Daily Record with their findings and photographs either through email or by tagging the Record on social media with the hashtag #BanDisposableVapes.

The Green MSP Gillian Mackay will join the Daily Record to uncover the severity of the disposable vapes problem and engage with readers to help make a real impact on World Environment Day. Mackay stresses disposable vapes clog streets, parks, rivers, and beaches in Scotland, with 138 million disposed of each year in the UK alone. Such numbers continue to increase, presenting the urgency to resolve the problem.

MSP Gillian Mackay
MSP Gillian Mackay (Image: PA)

Laura Young, the original vape crusader, and campaigners’ efforts led Holyrood Ministers to conduct an immediate survey on disposable vapes that could potentially lead to a ban, with the results due later this month.

Bin The Vapes Campaign

The Daily Record launched the Bin The Vapes campaign earlier this year, aiming to ban throwaway single-use vapes as the litter in public spaces continues to soar. Shockingly, over 1.3million e-cigarettes are disposed of each week in the UK.

These electronic gadgets also waste essential materials such as lithium and copper, polluting the environment. Enough lithium waste is reported to be capable of powering batteries for about 2500 electric cars. Additionally, some fear that disposable devices with sweet flavors and bright colors are targeted at younger generations, leading them to become hooked on nicotine.

UN talks regarding plastic pollution and disposable vapes present an opportunity to strike a global agreement to crackdown on vapes, which many are eagerly awaiting.

Overall, the Daily Record is calling for participation from communities to get involved in cleaning up single-use vapes litter.

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