German Officials Publish Draft Bill To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

German Officials Publish Draft Bill To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis
German Officials Publish Draft Bill To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

German Officials Publish Draft Bill To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Germany is on the verge of a historic decision that could have a significant impact on the country’s cannabis industry and its citizens. After months of speculation and leaked information, German officials have finally published a draft bill to legalize adult-use cannabis. This move aims to lift the prohibition on cannabis for personal use and establish a framework for regulation and control.

The draft bill, unveiled by the Ministry of Health, outlines the first pillar of a two-pillar approach to legalization. It focuses on regulating the personal use and home cultivation of cannabis, as well as authorizing the establishment of cannabis growers’ associations. These associations would function similarly to previously proposed cannabis social clubs and provide a platform for enthusiasts to collectively cultivate and share cannabis.

The legislation proposes removing cannabis from the Narcotics Drugs Act and other related laws, while keeping the existing medical cannabis laws intact. However, one significant change is that patients will now have the option to obtain a regular cannabis prescription instead of a specialized narcotic prescription.

Under the draft bill, adults aged 18 and older would be allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow up to three plants for personal use. However, the consumption of cannabis near minors or in specific public areas during designated hours would be prohibited.

Cannabis growers’ associations would be able to accept up to 500 members, who would be eligible to receive a designated quantity of cannabis for personal use. Additionally, the associations would have the authority to provide members with cannabis seeds or cuttings for cultivation. However, consuming cannabis within the association’s facilities and advertising would be strictly prohibited under the proposed legislation.

To effectively implement this legalization plan, Germany’s state governments would have the power to regulate the number of associations in each district or city. The draft bill sets a maximum limit of one association per 6,000 residents. These measures aim to ensure that the legalization process is well-regulated and controlled.

This move towards adult-use legalization comes after Germany legalized medical cannabis in 2017. It also follows a leaked “cornerstone paper” that circulated among government officials last year, outlining plans for decriminalization and limited legalization. However, the newly published draft bill takes a more comprehensive approach, providing a detailed framework for the regulation and control of cannabis.

The German cabinet is expected to approve this draft legislation by August, after which it will be considered by the Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament. If approved, Germany would join a growing list of countries that have embraced the legalization and regulation of cannabis for personal use.

While this is the first pillar of Germany’s legalization plan, a second pillar is expected to be published later this year. This pillar will focus on regulations for regional pilot programs and commercial supply chains, aiming to provide further opportunities for the cannabis industry to flourish in a regulated environment.

The publication of this draft bill is a significant moment in Germany’s cannabis journey. It marks a fundamental shift in the country’s perception of cannabis and sets the stage for a legal and regulated market for adult-use cannabis. As the bill moves through the legislative process, all eyes will be on Germany, waiting to see how this historic decision unfolds.



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