Florissant Considers Limiting Number Of Vape And Tobacco Shops

Florissant Considers Limiting Number Of Vape And Tobacco Shops
Florissant Considers Limiting Number Of Vape And Tobacco Shops

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (First Alert 4) – As vaping continues to grow popular in the United States and the St. Louis region, Florissant city leaders are mulling a proposal to limit the number of vaping and tobacco stores in the city.

It’s an idea that current owners want to see happen.

“There’s just too many of them,” said Hershell Ivory, owner of Smoke Safe Vapor.

Ivory said he has owned Smoke Safe Vapor on Lindbergh in Florissant for eight years.

“I used to see a lot more familiar faces,” said Ivory.

As more Americans are using vapor products instead of cigarettes, more vape stores have opened in Florissant. Plus, gas stations have begun selling the same products.

“Now I don’t see the same faces all the time like I used to because there are so many of these things popping up everywhere,” said Ivory.

City leaders in Florissant are considering an ordinance that would restrict the amount of vapor and tobacco stores to one for 4,000 people in Florissant, which evens out to 13 total, the same amount that are currently in operation.

That means no more vape or tobacco stores could open in the city unless one closes.

“It gives them a place to go however, it doesn’t inundate the city with it. And no, I don’t think it’s a good look for the city to have every store be a liquor store and a cigarette store,” said Joe Eagan, Florissant City Council President and sponsor of the bill.

Eagan said it is similar to the city’s limit on liquor stores.

He said the bill strikes a balance between serving residents and ensuring the city isn’t littered with stores that appeal to people’s vices.

“I don’t even live that far away, and I drive past two other stores just like mine,” said Shon Graden, who runs Huff and Smoke.

Graden manages Huff and Smoke, which is across the street from Ivory’s store. Tet Graden echoes Ivory. It’s hard to do business when so many in town are open, Garden said.

He’s hopeful the proposed law will allow the existing businesses to flourish.

“Limiting it is going to make it where everyone can become a successful business,” said Graden.

The bill does not apply to gas stations.

The council is expected to hold another public hearing later in January and vote on the bill in February.

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