Court Rules in Favor of US Cannabis Vaporizer Maker Over CCELL

CCELL Loses in Court to US Cannabis Vaporizer Maker


Advanced Vapor Solutions (AVS), a US-based cannabis vaporizer manufacturer, has emerged victorious in a lawsuit brought against them by Shenzhen Smoore Technology, a Chinese vaping company who claimed AVS was infringing on their patents by importing vape batteries into the US. The International Trade Commission (ITC) recently upheld an earlier ruling concluding that AVS did not violate Smoore’s patents.

What was the ITC’s Decision?

Shenzhen Smoore Technology initially filed a complaint against 50 different US and China-based companies in 2021, alleging that they were importing products from Smoore into the US and either passing them off as their own or creating new products based on Smoore’s patents. Smoore asked the ITC to issue cease and desist orders. After nearly two years of investigation, the ITC found no patent violations and ruled in favor of AVS.

Why the Lawsuit Happened

Smoore accused AVS and other companies of stealing its intellectual property, particularly the design of 510 batteries and cartridges, which have a wide range of uses beyond vaping. These accessories are in demand by individual consumers, large vaping companies, and tobacco companies that are interested in creating their own vaping devices. There are also branding opportunities with companies wanting to showcase their logo on the batteries and use them for commercial or marketing purposes.

What This Means for the US Vaping Industry

This ruling is good news for US-based vaping companies, particularly those in the cannabis sector, as they can continue to grow and expand their businesses without worrying about a market flooded with inexpensive Chinese knock-offs. The ITC’s decision is a rare instance of the federal government showing support for the domestic vaping industry.


The ruling by the ITC is good news for AVS and other US-based cannabis vaporizer companies. This decision provides a level of protection for US businesses against accusations of patent infringement and counterfeiting from Chinese competitors. It also sends a message of support from the US government to the domestic vaping industry.

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