Busting Barriers to CBD: The Sisters of the Valley

Busting Barriers to CBD: The Sisters of the Valley
Busting Barriers to CBD: The Sisters of the Valley

MERCED, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an effort to ease the economic pain and to encourage more people to try natural pain relief, the sisters launched today two new bundles. One is a bundle of their most popular products and includes CBD double-strength oil, their multi-purpose topical salve, and ten servings of their mood-stabilizing mushroom coffee. The other is a CBD starter kit that contains CBD oil for pain, CBN gelcaps for sleep, and the multi-purpose topical salve. The bundles are meant to allow people to try the products without spending a lot.

“The CBD pain relief sector has decreased twenty percent in the last year, when it was predicted to go up,” explains Sister Camilla. “We believe that it is because the economy hasn’t recovered from the pandemic and California’s economy hasn’t recovered from the floods and mudslides that hit so many counties last year about this time. In addition, health insurance doesn’t cover natural pain relief products, so people are being forced back to pharmaceuticals in these very tough times.”

The Sisters believed that by now, in their ninth year of operating, their products would be available at dispensaries. Since all their products are non-psychoactive and religiously tested for purity and potency, the anticipation was that the barriers to dispensary sales would be lower than if one is working with psychotropics. That didn’t turn out to be the case, however.

The Sisters are blocked from selling in dispensaries, due to how the chips fell. Sister Kass explained, “When people ask us (and they do all the time) why they can’t find our products in dispensaries, we have to explain the track and trace system in California and how currently, even though we have our licenses — three of them, a license to make hemp food products for humans, a license to make hemp food products for pets, and a license for cosmetics (because that’s where our salve lands) . . . even though we have three different hemp licenses and hemp plants are not required to be in the track and trace system, the dispensaries can only sell products that are in that system.”

Sister Camilla spoke of the challenges presented when trying to partner up with someone to accomplish dispensary distribution. “The state lost 23% of its canopy in a fifteen month period ending Q1 of 2023. They lost 20% of the licenses. Those were people who went through the investment process and couldn’t continue. Over a fifteen month period, 1,766 licenses were not renewed. How do we know that we aren’t losing that many again in this fifteen month period?”

While the Sisters wait for the industry to sort itself out, they continue their work of making all products by hand from their small farm in California and shipping worldwide, with the exception of the fourteen countries that have, since the pandemic, made it illegal to import CBD. Those countries include Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Since Canadians and Australians were once big consumers of the Sister’s products, international sales have dropped as a direct result – from 20% to 1% comparing pre-pandemic numbers to today’s sales. Sister Kass, who manages the fulfillment and shipping, adds that the increasing cost of shipping out of the US has not helped the international sales picture.

The Sisters remain optimistic that one day they will have enclaves and operations in those countries that have now blocked access, as it was always the intention of having the products grown, processed, packaged, and sold locally. Sister Halla added, “We try to do everything like our Beguine ancestors, in the middle ages in Europe, how they would do it. We know, for example, that medicine was delivered by hand, and since we can’t do that, when someone buys a single item, when we must ship a single item, we always add something to accompany the medicine in place of the person. A bundle of sage, or an incense stick or even a tin of salve. We won’t let the medicine travel alone and that’s our sort of modern way of honoring the ancestral ways.”

For more information about the Sisters and their products, visit www.sistersofthevalley.org.

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