Bold plans for Rocky CBD

Bold plans for Rocky CBD
Bold plans for Rocky CBD

Bold Plans for Rocky CBD

Rockhampton CBD director Steve Grant is envisioning an exciting future for Rockhampton’s CBD. With his ambitious plans, he aims to transform the area into a vibrant and thriving hub. The proposed developments include high-rise apartments, a convenience store, and a First Nations gallery, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Currently, there are numerous shop spaces in the Rockhampton CBD that remain underutilized, either due to refurbishment, lease or sale, or awaiting demolition and reconstruction. Recognizing the potential of these spaces, Mr. Grant, with his corporate background in Sydney, established the Rockhampton CBD group in April of the previous year. The aim of the group is to assist struggling CBD business owners in not only surviving but also thriving in their endeavors.

Mr. Grant expresses optimism about the future of businesses, customers, and residents in Rockhampton. He believes that with more shops and offices filled, the CBD will attract more people, leading to a cycle of success for all enterprises in the area. The ongoing refurbishments and the presence of new businesses highlight the positive growth and energy within Rockhampton.

To enhance the livability of the CBD, Mr. Grant aspires for the construction of more high-rise buildings in the coming years. He believes this will not only provide additional housing options but also contribute to the overall vibrancy and development of the area. Recognizing the economic potential of the region, Mr. Grant also calls for mining and renewable companies in Central Queensland to consider establishing offices within the CBD.

Furthermore, Mr. Grant aims to create cultural spaces that reflect the heritage of the First Nations community. By establishing an arts and craft gallery dedicated to First Nations art, Rockhampton can showcase the creativity and talent of its Indigenous population. Additionally, a convenience store would address the needs of residents and visitors, providing convenience and accessibility.

For aspiring business owners, Mr. Grant emphasizes the importance of thorough research and strategic planning. Understanding the market demand and identifying the ideal customer base are crucial steps in establishing a successful business. Additionally, conducting a comprehensive cash flow analysis is essential to ensure financial viability.

With these bold plans and a vision for growth, Rockhampton’s CBD has great potential for transformation. By revitalizing underutilized spaces, encouraging new businesses, and embracing the cultural heritage of the region, the CBD can become a dynamic and prosperous destination for residents and visitors alike.



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