Biden’s Pardon: A Feeble Gesture Amidst Cannabis Incarceration Crisis | StupidDOPE

Biden’s Pardon: A Feeble Gesture Amidst Cannabis Incarceration Crisis | StupidDOPE
Biden’s Pardon: A Feeble Gesture Amidst Cannabis Incarceration Crisis | StupidDOPE

Photo by Jimis.World for Last Prisoner Project.

President Joe Biden’s recent announcement of a marijuana pardon is, frankly, a slap in the face to the over 30,000 Americans rotting in jails and prisons for cannabis-related offenses. This half-hearted attempt at justice is not just insufficient; it’s an outrage. While the White House touts these pardons as a significant step towards rectifying racial disparities in the justice system, the reality is that it’s a minuscule band-aid over a gaping, festering wound.

The numbers don’t lie. No federal prisoners are walking free because of this pardon, and the bureaucratic nightmare to even obtain a semblance of relief is a cruel joke. This move is a smokescreen, a feeble gesture that falls embarrassingly short of the comprehensive reform desperately needed. It’s time to call this what it is: a token effort that leaves tens of thousands suffering in the shadows of an archaic and brutal system.

Biden’s decision to pardon only a select few, under specific federal statutes, is a tepid response to a national crisis. Cannabis, a substance now recognized for its medicinal properties and legal in numerous states, continues to be the reason why countless lives are shattered, families are torn apart, and futures are destroyed. It’s not just a policy failure; it’s a moral catastrophe.

The President’s call to governors and local leaders is nothing more than passing the buck. The American people demand and deserve bold, immediate action from the highest level of government. We’re tired of waiting. We’re tired of excuses. We’re tired of seeing our fellow citizens locked up for a plant that’s legally sold in storefronts across the nation.

It’s time for President Biden to stop playing politics with people’s lives and start enacting radical changes. We need to see the end of the war on drugs, a war that has disproportionately targeted communities of color and filled our prisons to the brim with nonviolent offenders. We need to see the complete decriminalization of cannabis at the federal level, retroactive exoneration for all cannabis-related offenses, and a serious investment in repairing the lives torn apart by these unjust laws.

The clock is ticking, and the patience of the American people has run out. President Biden, if you truly stand for justice and equality, then act like it. Empty promises and symbolic pardons won’t cut it anymore. We demand real, substantive, and immediate change. Anything less is a failure of your duty and a betrayal of the trust placed in you by the citizens of this nation.

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