Be Safe With Christmas Opioid, Cannabis Storage

Be Safe With Christmas Opioid, Cannabis Storage
Be Safe With Christmas Opioid, Cannabis Storage

With the holiday season in full swing, the PASS Coalition would like to remind you that it’s important to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to storing medications like opioids and cannabis.

As families gather to celebrate Christmas, it’s crucial to take precautions to ensure these substances are securely stored, minimizing the risk of accidental ingestion.

By following some simple guidelines for safe storage, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone during the holiday festivities.

1. Secure Storage:

One of the first steps in safe storage is ensuring that opioids and cannabis are kept securely. Consider using lockable cabinets, drawers, or storage containers to prevent unauthorized access. Choose a location that is not easily accessible to children, pets, or curious guests. Locking these substances away can help minimize the chance of unintentional consumption.

2. Separation and Labeling:

To avoid confusion and potential mix-ups, it’s important to separate opioids and cannabis from other medications. Store them in distinct containers, clearly labeled with their respective names and dosages. Differentiate these containers from other medications to prevent accidental ingestion or dosage errors.

3. Controlled Access:

Restrict access to opioids and cannabis by ensuring that keys, combination codes, or access cards are only available to authorized individuals. Keep in mind that during Christmas gatherings, guests may have different needs and medications with them. Offer a designated and secure location for guests to store their own medications during their visit, promoting a safe environment for everyone.

4. Dispose of Unneeded Medications:

If you have any leftover opioids or cannabis that are no longer required, take the necessary steps to dispose of them properly. Check if your local pharmacy or law enforcement agency offers drug take-back programs. If unavailable, follow guidelines provided by the FDA, such as mixing medication with undesirable substances, placing them in sealed bags, and disposing of them in household trash.

5. Open Communication and Education:

During the holiday season, open communication is vital. Discuss medication safety with family members and guests, emphasizing the importance of proper storage. Encourage everyone to keep an eye on their belongings and to be mindful of medication placement, especially when young children are present. Educate them on the potential risks associated with accidental ingestion and the importance of responsible medication storage.

Risks for NOT utilizing Proper Storage of Opioids and Cannabis

1. Accidental ingestion by children: According to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, almost 70,000 children under the age of 18 years old are estimated to visit emergency departments annually in the United States due to medication-related incidents, including accidental ingestion. Improper storage that allows children access to opioids or cannabis significantly increases the chances of accidental ingestion, which can lead to serious health complications.

2. Substance misuse: Improperly stored opioids and cannabis may be more accessible to individuals seeking to misuse or abuse these substances. This can pose significant health risks, including addiction, overdose, and other adverse effects. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that almost 10% of Americans aged 12 and older misused opioids in 2019.

3. Unintentional sharing: Failure to properly store opioids and cannabis can sometimes lead to unintended sharing of these substances, putting others at risk. Guests or even family members might mistake improperly stored opioids or cannabis for something else or inadvertently consume them, potentially leading to adverse reactions or harm.

4. Legal implications: Improper storage of cannabis can have legal repercussions, particularly if it falls into the hands of individuals who are not authorized to possess it. Depending on local regulations, storing cannabis improperly, such as leaving it easily accessible or allowing minors to access it, can result in legal consequences.

Conclusion: As Christmas approaches and loved ones gather together, ensuring a safe environment is crucial. Proper storage of opioids and cannabis plays a vital role in preventing accidental ingestion and promoting the well-being of all those present.

By following these guidelines for secure storage, you can help create a safe and enjoyable Christmas celebration for everyone involved.

Let’s prioritize safety and responsible medication storage during this festive season, keeping accidents at bay and focusing on the joyous moments with our loved ones.

(The PASS Prevention Coalition MISSION: We are a local coalition of individuals and organizations working together in our community to prevent substance misuse and provide support to families struggling with drug addictions. The PASS Coalition meets at noon on the third Tuesday of each month at the First United Bank in Pauls Valley and on Google Meet. For more information, please Like and Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram @PASSdrugfree, or email them at [email protected], to be in the know for upcoming meetings, or events.)



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