Arthritis Patients Find Relief with CBD Derived from Plants

Arthritis Patients Report Improvements Following Use of Plant-Derived CBD

Pain and health-related quality of life of patients suffering from arthritis have reportedly improved after using cannabis products that contain significant levels of CBD, according to a recent study. Researchers in Australia assessed the safety and efficacy of various cannabis products derived from plants in chronic pain patients, around one-third of whom had arthritis. The study revealed that products containing a balanced amount of THC and CBD were most effective for pain patients, but over half of the arthritis patients reported “clinically significant improvements” from products that contained only CBD. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD could possibly be the contributing factor to the positive outcomes some patients experienced. Dry mouth, drowsiness, and fatigue were the most common side-effects. Another study published last year in the Journal of Cannabis Research showed that after using CBD, arthritis patients typically experience symptom improvements and reduce their use of prescription medications.

A randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of Hand Surgery also recently discovered that applying a topical formula made up of hemp-derived CBD led to significant improvements in patients with thumb basal joint arthritis. Medical cannabis for Australian patients with chronic refractory pain, including arthritis, is the subject of the full study in the British Journal of Pain. Those interested in learning more about cannabinoids and arthritis can consult NORML’s Clinical Applications for Cannabis & Cannabinoids.

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