3 Teens Arrested After Breaking Into Bradenton Vape Shop, Crashing Stolen Car

3 Teens Arrested After Breaking Into Bradenton Vape Shop, Crashing Stolen Car
3 Teens Arrested After Breaking Into Bradenton Vape Shop, Crashing Stolen Car

Breaking into businesses is a criminal act that can have serious consequences for those involved. Three teenagers recently learned this the hard way when they were arrested after breaking into a vape shop in Bradenton, Florida. Not only did they break into the shop, but they also stole a car and led law enforcement on a chase that ended in a crash.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning when the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a break-in at Big Boy Vapors on Cortez Road. Upon arrival, deputies observed three teenagers driving a stolen Kia Soul and breaking into the shop. These individuals, all 16 years old, were part of a trend of vape shop burglaries in the area.

Law enforcement officers had anticipated that the suspects would strike again, so they organized an operation to apprehend them. The stolen car and the trend of stolen vehicles connected to vape shop burglaries provided valuable intelligence for the detectives working on the case.

When the deputies spotted the suspects, the teenagers decided to flee in the stolen vehicle. This led to a high-speed chase, which unfortunately ended in a crash in the 6800 block of 26th Street West. Despite the chaotic situation, no one was injured during the pursuit.

Deputies swiftly apprehended two of the suspects after the crash, while the third was apprehended moments later with the assistance of a K9 unit deputy. The stolen car and the stolen vape items were returned to their rightful owners.

However, the consequences for these teenagers are just beginning. They have been arrested on charges of burglary for breaking into the vape shop, as well as charges of stealing the vehicle and resisting law enforcement without violence. Furthermore, one of the teenagers had previous involvement in similar crimes, having been arrested for breaking into multiple vape businesses in the area.

The damage caused by this incident not only affects the vape shop’s owner but also serves as a reminder to others who may consider engaging in similar criminal acts. The employee of Big Boy Vapors emphasized the importance of not breaking into small businesses, highlighting the risks involved not only for the perpetrators but also for the individuals working in the shops.

The investigation into other vape shop burglaries in the area is ongoing, with law enforcement officials indicating that additional arrests are likely to come. This highlights the serious nature of these crimes and the efforts being made to bring those responsible to justice.

Breaking into businesses and engaging in criminal activities not only puts individuals at risk but also has broader implications for the community. It is essential to foster an environment where respect for others’ property and livelihoods is paramount. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, we can deter others from committing similar offenses and maintain safer communities for everyone.



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