10 Netflix Documentaries Of 2023 With A Perfect 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

10 Netflix Documentaries Of 2023 With A Perfect 100% On Rotten Tomatoes
10 Netflix Documentaries Of 2023 With A Perfect 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

Here is a look at 10 of the best Netflix Documentaries according to Rotten Tomatoes:

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul

Released Oct 11

In case you don’t know, Juul is the e-cigarette manufacturer that skyrocketed to unicorn status with a jaw-dropping $38 billion valuation before eventually dropping drastically in popularity. This four-part series, based on Jamie Ducharme’s highly successful book Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul, exposes the company’s actions that led to its success and the downfall which followed.

Juul’s biggest controversy was how they so easily and carelessly captivated young adults with their products, only to face lawsuits, settlements, and bans that turned them into the laughingstock of the smoking world. It’s a tale of ambition and controversy that will have you binge-watching all episodes.


Released Sep 13

Wrestlers is a seven-episode series brought to you by the brilliant director Greg Whiteley, known for his previous hits Last Chance U and Cheer. This exciting and dramatic docu-series goes beyond the fights and into the real lives of determined athletes, showcasing their relentless battles of both physical and emotional strength.

But that’s not all the show has to offer, the legendary wrestler Al Snow takes centre stage, fighting to keep the prestigious Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) afloat amidst waves of mounting debt and the cutthroat power struggles of new ownership.

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones

Released Aug 30

Produced by and featuring longevity evangelist Dan Buettner, this Netflix documentary takes viewers on a bizarre journey into the depths of mystical blue zones – areas of the world where a large portion of the population lives to be 100.

The film shares the secrets behind the remarkable lifespan of the inhabitants of these places all around the world, with deep storytelling and breathtaking visuals, this documentary sheds light on the unique lifestyles, diets, and cultural practices that contribute to the exceptionally healthy lives of those found within these communities.

Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop

Released Aug 9

These are the incredible stories of the unsung heroines of hip-hop told in this Netflix docuseries. Ladies First finally gives long-overdue credit to the Black women who have been at the beating heart of the hip-hop culture we know today, as well as showing us their lives outside of the spotlight.

The show offers an intimate glimpse into their lives as they navigate the obstacles of misogyny and racism – the two issues that go hand in hand for every woman of colour trying to make it in the music industry both past and present.

Tour de France Unchained

Released June 8

This dramatic sports documentary shows the adrenaline-fuelled world of professional cycling, where human strength and endurance are pushed to their limits. It emerses us the viewer into the electric atmosphere of the Tour de France on the day of the big race, as well as revealing the gritty but hopeful stories of the athletes who attempt this legendary race year after year. It also explains what goes into the lives and careers of the cyclists for the rest of the year as they train for the big day.

With passionate stories and beautiful cinematography, this documentary will have you watching the Tour de France with a very different view.


Released May 23

Dive into the strange world of mermaiding as this four-part docuseries unveils the secrets of the half-billion-dollar industry that many have never even heard of. With a perfect blend of charm and intensity, MerPeople, directed by the talented Cynthia Wade, follows a group of aspiring professional mermaids as they navigate the challenges and sacrifices they make to establish their reputation in this profession. From endless hours of training to investing their hard-earned salary to improve their look, these mermaid hopefuls are determined to leave their mark on this brightly coloured under-water creative industry.

Chimp Empire

Released April 19

In this documentary narrated by the talented Mahershala Ali, we are transported to the lush landscapes of Uganda to witness the epic rivalry between two chimp tribes, the Centrallers and the Westerners. Through four remarkably emotional episodes, we are immersed in their ceaseless struggle for dominance over their shared territory while also getting to see the stunning landscapes that these chimps call home.

But it’s not just about territorial disputes; we also delve into the intricate web of personal and social dynamics within each group, proving how complex and alike humankind and chimps truly are. Prepare to be enthralled by the gripping tale of these remarkable primates and the captivating world they inhabit.

Emergency NYC

Released March 22

After the height of COVID-19, a new challenge emerged for trauma doctors: a fresh wave of patients whose conditions had deteriorated while they were confined to their homes and those unfortunate people who fell victim to a wave of violent crimes that followed the lifting of COVID restrictions.

This adrenaline-fueled Netflix documentary series shows the extraordinary trauma doctors and first responders as they navigate the often dangerous daily task of life-threatening emergencies, saving lives and offering hope in the face of despair.

Full Swing

Released Feb 15

Full Swing takes viewers on a fast-paced journey through the world of professional golf. From the brilliant creators of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, this series looks into the lives of a group of pro golfers as they navigate a gruelling season of competitive golf, including an exclusive look behind the scenes of the prestigious PGA tour and all four of golf’s major competitive events.

Full Swing doesn’t just show us the challenges and excitement of competition however, we also get to explore the personal lives of these incredibly talented golfers. Audiences will witness the highs and lows of these athletes and see how their families, rivalries, and the dramatic moments that unfold both on and off the golf course affect their professional and personal lives.

Bill Russell: Legend

Released Feb 8

Discover the fascinating life of Bill Russell, a basketball legend whose impact extended far beyond the confines of the court, in the riveting two-part documentary, Bill Russell: Legend. This extraordinary film delves into Russell’s utterly remarkable life, shedding light on his career with the Boston Celtics and the pivotal role he played in transforming the sport forever. While his towering presence on the basketball court is undeniable, Russell’s influence transcends mere athleticism, as his advocacy for racial equality both in sport and out stands as a testament to the legacy he will always be known for.



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