Victoria May Let Cannabis Users Drive In Australia-First

Victoria May Let Cannabis Users Drive In Australia-First
Victoria May Let Cannabis Users Drive In Australia-First

Title: Victoria May Let Cannabis Users Drive In Australia-First


In a groundbreaking move, the state of Victoria in Australia is considering a closed trial that would allow medicinal cannabis users to legally drive. This trial, if approved, would be the first of its kind in the country and could have significant implications for cannabis users who rely on this form of treatment. The Victorian government aims to establish guidelines for this trial to ensure that users are not impaired while driving. This article explores the potential benefits and challenges of allowing cannabis users to drive, as well as the implications it could have for other regions.

Benefits of Allowing Cannabis Users to Drive

The legalization of medicinal cannabis in Victoria in 2016 marked a significant milestone in healthcare. However, despite its legal status, driving with any THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) in one’s system remains a criminal offense. This has led to a situation where many medicinal cannabis users are unable to drive, even if they are not impaired. The closed trial being considered aims to address this issue and provide an opportunity for cannabis users to legally drive, as long as they can demonstrate that they are not impaired.

One of the major advantages of allowing cannabis users to drive is the potential reduction in reliance on other medications. Some users currently resort to taking addictive high-risk drugs like codeine and Valium to manage their conditions, as these drugs are not detected in roadside drug tests. Allowing cannabis users to drive can offer them a safer alternative, reducing the risk of addiction and adverse side effects associated with these medications.

Challenges and Considerations

While the proposed trial has the potential to address the needs of medicinal cannabis users, it also raises important considerations. Road safety remains a paramount concern for the Victorian government, especially given the recent increase in the state’s road toll. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that cannabis users who participate in the trial are not impaired while driving.

Determining impairment due to cannabis use remains a challenge, as there is currently no universally accepted technology to test for impairment. This issue needs to be carefully addressed within the trial to ensure the safety of all road users. Measures being considered include setting an age limit of 25 and implementing a zero blood alcohol limit for trial participants. These guidelines aim to minimize potential risks and ensure that only responsible and fit drivers are permitted.

Potential Implications for Other Regions

If the closed trial in Victoria proves successful, it may set a precedent for other regions in Australia and beyond. The Legalise Cannabis Party, which recently gained two upper house seats, has been advocating for change in cannabis legislation. Their support has been crucial in driving efforts to amend road safety laws and enable prescripted users of medicinal cannabis to drive.

The outcome of this trial could influence future legislation, creating a framework that balances the needs of medicinal cannabis users with road safety concerns. Other jurisdictions may take note of Victoria’s approach and consider similar trials or amendments to their legislation. This could pave the way for greater acceptance and integration of medicinal cannabis use in society.


The proposal to allow medicinal cannabis users to drive in Victoria represents a significant step forward in acknowledging the rights and needs of these individuals. The closed trial being considered could potentially provide a long-awaited solution for cannabis users, allowing them to drive without fear of legal repercussions as long as they are not impaired. As the Victorian government continues to work on establishing the trial guidelines, the outcome of this initiative could have far-reaching implications beyond the state’s borders. It is an exciting time for cannabis legislation in Australia, as the country explores innovative approaches to ensure the safety and freedom of its citizens.



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