MSDH Continues Medical Cannabis Retesting Amid Safety Concerns

MSDH Continues Medical Cannabis Retesting Amid Safety Concerns
MSDH Continues Medical Cannabis Retesting Amid Safety Concerns

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – The sale of many medical cannabis products in Mississippi is still on administrative hold.

A Pascagoula dispensary, The Herbalist, recently held its grand opening. However, it ended with a 60% loss of medical cannabis inventory.

“The hold is the full range of everything from the cannabis flower, the concentrates, the edibles, the pre-rolls. Pretty much everything that was affected by that,” said James Stone, owner of The Herbalist.

This comes after the Mississippi State Department of Health stopped sales on a large amount of medical cannabis products for retesting on December 21.

Greg Flynn with MSDH provides an update on the ongoing investigation.

“It surrounds the use of pesticides Were there pesticides present? Do they fall in the regulatory limits? As results come back in that are positive, products will be released back to their distributors and dispensaries. This will allow them to start selling those products once again,” said Flynn.

Stone shows WLOX News his items awaiting retesting.

“They’re in the back in the vault, but I can’t sell them until further notice. The estimated range from one to maybe two months before testing not only the new products being put through the pipeline but also all the older ones that’s been pulled off the shelves,” said Stone.

But, care for patients must go on. The Herbalist treats about 30 clients daily.

When Stone got the news, he reacted by contacting retailers to purchase medical cannabis products that are safe for consumption.

“I immediately ordered whatever I could from whoever I could to fill all those holes that I could so I’m fully stocked now. It hasn’t affected business.,” said Stone.

In the two-week span of operations, he’s been able to provide reliable services here on the coast.

Shelves are filled with a full spectrum of cannabis flowers ranging from low to high THC potency levels. He also invested in stocking up on THC edibles and other options.

“Every day I see so many people come in and they’re grateful they can stay off pharmaceutical medicines,” said Stone.

Mississippi State Department of Health has not provided a timeline for when medical cannabis retesting will conclude.

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