John Daly Cannabis Line To Hit Shelves Next Week With Golf-Themed Gummies

John Daly Cannabis Line To Hit Shelves Next Week With Golf-Themed Gummies
John Daly Cannabis Line To Hit Shelves Next Week With Golf-Themed Gummies

Title: John Daly Cannabis Line To Hit Shelves Next Week With Golf-Themed Gummies

John Daly, the renowned golfer from Arkansas, is making a splash in the cannabis industry with a line of cannabis products set to hit shelves next week. Partnering with Osage Creek Cultivation, Daly has collaborated to develop a range of edibles, flower, and other cannabis products that will be available in Arkansas dispensaries.

Daly’s involvement in the cannabis industry isn’t surprising, as he previously endorsed the Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment, a proposed legislation that aimed to legalize recreational cannabis use for individuals aged 21 and older. Now, Daly is taking his passion for cannabis a step further by bringing a line of cannabis products to his home state.

The initial product line will feature 10mg gummies in four flavors, each with a golf-themed name inspired by Daly’s career and love for the game. Customers can expect options like Birdie Berry Blast indica gummies, J.D. Arnold Palmer hybrid gummies, Fairway Fruits sativa gummies, and Chip Shot Cherry fast-acting hybrid gummies. These flavors aim to celebrate Daly’s achievements in golf while offering an enjoyable cannabis experience.

While golf-themed gummies are the first products to be released, the John Daly cannabis line plans to expand its offerings to include edibles with higher THC content, vape pens, vape cartridges (named Swing Coach), and other related items. Osage Creek Cultivation is currently researching various plant genetics to determine the strains that will make up the flower in the John Daly line.

Daly’s partnership with Osage Creek Cultivation was initiated through a mutual friend who connected him with the Trulove family, the owners of the cultivation and dispensary operations. Daly expressed his desire to collaborate with a local Northwest Arkansas company that aligned with his branding.

In addition to the John Daly cannabis line, Daly already has an existing collection of hemp and cannabis products available online and in other states. This foray into the cannabis industry demonstrates his commitment to wellness and his evolving interests beyond the realm of golf.

Meanwhile, Osage Creek Cultivation is undergoing a rebranding process that highlights its roots in Northwest Arkansas. The company’s new logo depicts an oak tree, inspired by a tree located near its cultivation facility in Berryville, and a creek, symbolizing the connection to the Ozarks. The packaging of these cannabis products will feature the new logo, alongside a topographical map of the Ozarks, giving consumers a visual representation of the region’s natural beauty.

As Arkansas eagerly awaits the arrival of the John Daly cannabis line on dispensary shelves, consumers can look forward to a unique cannabis experience that combines the enjoyment of golf with the benefits of cannabis. From gummies to vape pens, these products aim to enhance the well-being of individuals in the state of Arkansas, while representing Daly’s passion for both cannabis and golf.



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