Cloverdale Medicinal Marijuana Company Expands to the Midwest with Line of Edibles in Ohio

Cloverdale Medicinal Marijuana Company Expanding To Midwest

Cloverdale’s Garden Society, a women-owned cannabis producer, has announced its expansion to the Midwest market with the launch of its line of medicinal marijuana edibles in Ohio. The products, including chocolates and gummies, will be sold in four Bloom Medicinal dispensaries located in Akron, Seven Mile, Painesville, and Columbus.

The chocolates come in three flavors, while the gummies are available in peach nectar, tart cherry, and strawberry rose. The move is part of the company’s eastward expansion, as many California cannabis companies are looking to expand to other states. According to the co-founder and spokeswoman Karli Warner, the Ohio market has a lot of potential, and there are not many established brands in the area yet.

The Garden Society’s decision to enter the Midwest market is a strategic one, as it is entering a mostly untapped market, unlike New York, which has seen much interest from California transplant businesses. Warner explained that Ohio is just getting used to the cannabis world, and its unique culture sets it apart from the Californian market. The company is entering the ground floor of the Midwest market, which means it must be mindful of the more stringent standards about how the products may be marketed and used.

To make its move more convenient, the Garden Society is using a 10,000-square-foot production plant in Grafton, near its Painseville facility. The market also tends to respond to more on-the-ground, in-person connections, so the company is trying to be more strategic in its operations.

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio has recorded $478.8 million in medical marijuana sales in 2022, representing a 26% increase from the previous year. California cannabis companies are moving satellite offices and production facilities into other states, a trend that is expected to grow in the United States.

The Garden Society is proud to welcome such a well-recognized women-focused medical marijuana brand to its dispensaries, said Anthony Surace, a regional purchasing agent for Bloom Medicinals. Co-founder and CEO Erin Gore said, “As one of the latest brands fortunate to be granted a license in Ohio, we are grateful to have such reputable dispensary partners at launch,” trading compliments to Bloom Medicinals.

In a nutshell, Garden Society is expanding its line of medicinal marijuana edibles to the Midwest market, particularly in Ohio, where it will be sold in four Bloom Medicinal dispensaries. The company is trying to be strategic in its operations to gain a foothold in an untapped market. With Ohio recording $478.8 million in medical marijuana sales, the move is expected to be profitable for the producer.



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