New Companies Join Lawsuit Against Alabamas Medical Cannabis Commission

New Companies Join Lawsuit Against Alabamas Medical Cannabis Commission
New Companies Join Lawsuit Against Alabamas Medical Cannabis Commission

Title: New Companies Join Lawsuit Against Alabama’s Medical Cannabis Commission

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is facing a legal battle as new companies join the existing lawsuit against the commission. These companies are raising concerns about the application process and the commission’s mistakes in tabulating scores. The voiding of recently awarded business licenses has prompted these companies to take action. This article explores the growing lawsuit and highlights the various grievances expressed by the companies involved.

Challenges with the Application Process:
Numerous companies are dissatisfied with how the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission handled their applications. A key issue raised is that no one from the commission visited their operations while scoring the applications. This lack of site inspections has raised questions about the fairness and thoroughness of the evaluation process.

Mistakes in Tabulation:
The commission itself has acknowledged errors in tabulating scores, further exacerbating the situation. To rectify this, the commission has enlisted the services of a prominent big four accounting firm to reevaluate the business license applications. However, some companies feel that this measure is only a partial solution and want their applications to be assessed holistically, considering their existing operations and compliance with Alabama law.

Denied Companies Seek Justice:
Among the companies joining the lawsuit is Alabama Always, which has invested in constructing a $5 million facility. They argue that their location in an economically depressed area was intended to boost revitalization efforts. Another company, Oscity, already cultivates cannabis for their hemp products, yet they were denied a business license despite meeting the requirements set by Alabama law. These companies demand a fair evaluation that takes into account their ongoing operations and compliance with industry standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

Concern for Patients and Future Availability:
The director of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, John McMillan, expresses hope that the legal hurdles can be overcome to make medical cannabis available to patients in need. However, the timing of when cannabis will be accessible is uncertain, as new lawsuits continue to arise. McMillan emphasizes the need to balance the requirements of the industry with the urgent medical needs of patients.

Resolution and Future Steps:
The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission plans to award new business licenses on August 10, following the review by the accounting firm. Once new licenses are granted, the commission intends to conduct site tours of the facilities. However, the commission’s immediate agenda is to address the legal challenges in the upcoming meeting.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission finds itself entangled in a lawsuit brought forward by multiple companies dissatisfied with the application process and the commission’s scoring mistakes. As the legal battle progresses, these companies seek fair evaluation of their applications that considers their existing operations, adherence to industry standards, and compliance with Alabama law. The fate of medical cannabis availability in Alabama remains uncertain until these lawsuits are resolved, highlighting the importance of balancing industry interests and the urgent needs of patients.



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