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Singer Zé Neto, from the nation duo with Cristiano, was identified with oral moniliasis, a type of fungus, after utilizing steroids to deal with lung issues attributable to covid-19 and the usage of vape, an digital cigarette.

Based on infectologist Alexandre Naime, from the Botucatu Hospital das Clínicas, the singer’s present situation is oral thrush, attributable to a fungus known as Candida albicans, which is opportunistic. “It takes advantage of a situation of reduced immunity, to settle down. A person who is without any type of anomaly may even have the presence of the fungus, but it does not manifest itself. For those who have chronic immunity problems, or are they doing treatments that affect the immune system, such as chemotherapy, it is more common to appear”, he explains.

To fight the irritation attributable to vape, the singer is utilizing steroid medicine, and, based on the specialist, almost definitely in its inhaled kind. “This causes local immunity, that is, the mouth, to be harmed, and explains the appearance of signs of the fungus. Patients with bronchial asthma and bronchitis, for example, who use the same form of medicine also tend to have the problem. “


  • White plaques on mouth, tongue and roof of mouth;
  • Pain and discomfort at the site;
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing.

How is the treatment?

Zé Neto canceled shows due to oral thrush, probably because he felt pain in his mouth (and singing requires a lot of local muscles) and also because of the appearance caused by the condition.

The problem is treated with mouthwashes with antifungal medications or by taking oral antifungal drugs, which must be prescribed by a doctor.

“The disease is usually not serious, only in extreme cases of immune suppression, such as in patients with AIDS. The fungus can descend into the esophagus and cause complications, but these are much rarer cases”, indicators Naime.

As a result of the vape causes issues?

Based on the physician, the vape, a kind of digital cigarette, has an incredible mixture of substances, together with a substantial quantity of nicotine, accountable for rising beats coronary heart, the chance of vasoconstriction, and with it, of stroke and impotence. Within the lung, it generates acute irritation, inducing the change often known as ‘ground glass’.

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