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ASHWAUBENON, Wis. — Theres an almost two-story excessive mound of recyclables contained in the Brown County Useful resource Restoration Constructing in Ashwaubenon.

What You Want To Know

  • Brown County Port & Useful resource Restoration is urging individuals to maintain vaping units out of trash and recycling streams
  • The batteries is usually a hearth hazard if they’re broken
  • Previously 30 to 40 p.c of units had hardwired batteries, that quantity is probably going nearer to 70 p.c now
  • A drop off web site for vaping units and e-cigarettes is out there in Ashwaubenon​

Vans pull up regularly and drop off extra supplies. There’s an opportunity a few of these hundreds embrace discarded vaping units and E-cigarettes.

The tiny, however highly effective, batteries in these gadgets is usually a potential hearth hazard if they’re broken.

“To find something as small as a vaping device in one truck load of material is next to impossible,” stated Chris Blan, a useful resource restoration technician with the division.

That’s why he and the division are urging customers to make use of a drop off web site of the used units to cease them from getting into the recycling or waste streams.

“There’s still energy enough left in the battery where if it’s damaged it could become an ignition source for a fire,” Blan stated.

Marissa Michalkiewicz of Outagamie County Recycling and Strong Waste is aware of the hazard first hand. that division not too long ago had a compactor hearth attributed to a lithium ion battery.

“Once you get these things broken apart and they start reacting with one another they can cause serious damage not just for our people who work here but for our equipment,” she stated.

Initially, batteries may very well be separated from the units for disposal. However now, many are stronger, smaller and built-in immediately into the gadget, creating a possible hearth hazard.

Blan stated about half the time when there’s a fireplace in a waste administration facility or switch truck, the trigger is probably going from a lithium ion battery like these present in vaping merchandise and e-cigarettes.

“To me, throwing a vape in your trash or recycling is almost equivalent to throwing a book of matches in your trash,” Blan stated. “It’s the same kind of risk.”

Brown County presents drop off on the Hazardous Materials Restoration facility at 2561 S. Broadway from midday to six p.m. on Thursdays and eight a.m. to midday on Saturdays. There’s a payment of 30 cents per merchandise.

Shoppers may examine with retailers to see if they provide a take-back program.

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