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Recipients from California, Georgia, Maine, North Dakota and Texas are taking action to address youth nicotine use and its impact on mental health, social justice, and the environment.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Jake Warn of Winslow is one of five winners of the Truth Initiative’s annual truth IMPACT scholarship.

Each year, Truth Initiative puts out a call for young people to apply by sharing how they are taking action in their communities to address tobacco and vaping nicotine. The 2021 application asked young people to specifically share their efforts addressing the impact of nicotine on mental health, social justice, and the environment — all critical issues that are interconnected to tobacco use and vaping nicotine.

Selected from applications submitted by young people from across the United States, Truth Initiative is to award each of the five winners with $3,000 in scholarship money to recognize and support the actions they are taking to address smoking, vaping and nicotine use in their communities.

All of the winners are already taking action to help end youth nicotine use for good, according to a news release on the scholarship. The funds will further their education as they work to lead and inspire others in their communities especially in regard to improving the availability of mental health resources for young people, the state of social justice in their community, and limiting the impact tobacco products have on the environment.

As a former vape user, 21-year-old Warn knows first-hand the mental health impact of vaping nicotine. As a student at Thomas College, he is passionate about sharing his story and the effects vaping nicotine had on his mental health.

An athlete and National Honor Society member, he began using vape products in high school as a way to fit in. But he quit using e-cigarettes after it took a toll on his mental and physical health and is now an advocate supporting actions to protect young people from the risks of nicotine addiction and inspiring other young people to quit.

“The reason this work is so important to me is that I know, speaking from experience, that nicotine addiction is scarier and more real than people think,” said Warn. “It’s important to share and spread this information as much as possible.”

To learn more about the annual truth IMPACT Scholarship or get involved with truth, visit

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