VPZ Launches Vape Recycling Service and Calls for Tighter Vaping Licensing

VPZ Launches Vape Recycling Service And Calls On Government To Tighten Licensing

VPZ, a UK-based vaping retailer, is taking a step forward in addressing the environmental issues created by improper disposal of e-cigarettes. The company has launched a program where vapers can responsibly recycle all kinds of vaping devices in any of its 150 stores in the UK. The recycling process is handled by WasteCare, which collects, treats, and recovers disposable vapes and reusable hardware devices. The program aims to recycle all vaping devices by 2023.

Importance of the Recycling Program

Disposable vaping devices are harmful to the local environment, as they contain lithium batteries and plastic and take a while to degrade. Hence improper disposal of such devices can result in environmental damage. VPZ’s recycling service offers a solution to not only avoid this damage but also help vapers understand the benefits of using sustainable and reusable products that are environmentally friendly.

VPZ Calls for Vaping Licensing to be Tightened

VPZ has called on both the UK and Scottish governments to implement stricter licensing regulations on vaping products to combat the issue of imported, unregulated, disposable vaping products being sold in supermarkets and convenience stores without age verification checks or control. These practices pose a significant threat to the progress made in transforming the health of the nation and helping the country meet its smoke-free targets.

“We are urging the UK government to follow best practices from countries like New Zealand, where flavoured products can only be sold from specialist licensed vaping stores. Thus, ensuring that an appropriate challenge 25 policy is in place and consultation is aimed towards adult smokers and vapers. We believe that the introduction of tighter controls and licensing for selling vaping products will help promote a healthier, sustainable industry,” said Doug Mutter, VPZ director.

Overall, VPZ’s efforts to launch a recycling program for vaping devices and push for tighter licensing regulations are steps in the right direction towards sustainable and responsible use of vaping products.

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