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In this day and age, when people are caught cheating or doing a bad deed, their actions are often recorded and publicised. So when we see a vandalised car of a cheating man in real life or online, we would automatically assume that they were busted.

Who would have thought that such a thing is actually just an elaborate scheme to promote a certain product? The kind of things people can make up to generate hype these days are mind boggling.

Hahahha padah main janda ! Amekau ! Apam dirumah tak habis makan,sibuk cari apam lain !


Pesanan akak,kalau tak mampu jadi tonggak yg baik untuk isteri/anak jgn pasang niat nak beristeri ,bina masjid ni bukan semua mampu nak menggalas duty tu,hidup bujang ok


Kredit :@tiktokmy pic.twitter.com/BAhOIXBjbY

— kakseripah (@seripah_nm) December 3, 2022

Just recently, a video went viral on Twitter of a man driving around Bukit Bintang in a vandalised car. The white Perodua Aruz he was driving around with was covered with words that says “Jantan Tak Guna” (Useless man), “Kaki Janda” (Widow lover), “Hari Hari Janda” (Everyday widows), and other vile phrases.

In the video, the man recording was laughing and was eventually scolded by the supposed two-timing widow lover. Because of his absurd reaction, the video went viral and the man was immediately condemned for being a cheater. Netizens were quick to judge and even made fun of his appearance.

done marketing!. pic.twitter.com/pbjNqfW6Ge


— Hafidz Hamzah 🇲🇾 (@HafidzHamzah7E) December 4, 2022

Then the following tweet by Hafidz Hamzah revealed the truth behind the viral video. Apparently, the whole thing was actually just a cheap marketing trick to promote a new vape flavour called, “Jantan Tak Guna” by Maha Karya – the exact words scribbled all over the car. If you carefully rewatch the video, you’ll see that among the many vile phrases on the car, there is one that says “Maha Karya”.

This brought forth a wave of angry netizens – all fuming at the cheap marketing trick (that some took offense to insulting widows out there). One comment said that it’s wasn’t appropriate to mentioned widows. Another claimed that they saw this car driving around town just to make this to go viral. One netizen even cursed the marketing team, hoping that “they would all end up being widows for 7 generations to come“.


This elaborate plan has indeed gone viral. Kudos to Maha Karya because whether good or bad marketing, they still succeeded in bringing the product into public view. What do you guys think? Did they do well or do they deserve what is coming to them?

Source: The Vocket, Twitter, TikTok

Puteri Teja contributed to this article.

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