Tyler ISD Announces “Vape Detectors” Installed In…


You remember back in the day when you and your friends were sneaking cigarettes in between classes either in the bathroom or somewhere else. Back then, your main worry was the “smoke detector” going off or an administrator coming in and busting up the session.

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Since cigarettes are seen as more “taboo” as they were back in the day, tobacco companies found a new market with the vape pen craze that’s everywhere. Some of yall are really GOOFY with vapes blowing these huge clouds under the guise of “its safer than a cigarette” when in reality they aren’t.

The main buyers of vapes have been young people and some of them have been taking their vapes to school but one East Texas school district is cracking down on vaping.

Shawn Knight | TSM

Shawn Knight | TSM


According to KETK, in a media release, the district said it has installed “vape detectors” at all four high schools and the Career & Technology Center with the message to students, “you will get caught.” While traditional smoke detectors typically don’t pick up on vapor, vape detectors claim to monitor the quality of air and detect vaping chemicals in indoor environments.

FDA Announces New Regulations For E-Cigarettes

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In Tyler ISD’s 2021-2022 student and parent handbook, the district added e-cigs and vaping to its list of prohibited products. It states that students are prohibited from having or using any type of tobacco product, e-cigarettes or any vaping device while on school property or while attending an off-campus school-related activity. So let your teen know that they might want to leave their “pen” at home.

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