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We take great pride in our CBD e-juice and vape juice, and it’s safe to say that all of our hard work has paid off because our Cali Range has won so many major awards!

Our Cali Range’s “Girl Scout Cookies,” which won Product of the Year at the 2020 Cannavist Awards and is consistently a huge hit with our consumers, is without a doubt the star of the show and best represents what our commitment to excellence means.

Simple to Use E-Liquid

The way CBD vape juice functions is virtually identical to that of other vape oils and e-liquids. You won’t require any specialised coils or extremely precise voltage settings; simply pick your preferred flavour, load up your device, and start vaping.

With our FREE UK next-day delivery, our selection of CBD vape juices and CBD e liquids is the ideal method to swiftly and conveniently acquire your daily dose of cannabinoids.

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Unique E-Liquid Product Lines

While many CBD e-liquid manufacturers provide a wide range of flavours, nobody does it better than us.

The Vaping Bad collection offers what you would refer to as a “typical” assortment of CBD vape juices, with flavours ranging from mixed fruit to smoke and a range of CBD levels to customise your experience. The next level is our California Range, which is targeted at individuals who want a CBD e-liquid that is as true to the original strains as is feasible.

With so many options, our catalogue definitely has something for you.

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How to Stop Smoking

Many people begin vaping in an effort to quit smoking cigarettes. Therefore, adding a boost of CBD to your e-liquid may be just what you need if you’re attempting to reduce your nicotine usage.

Since CBD does not cause addiction, it is a far superior substitute for nicotine. Vaping can help thousands of individuals all over the world lead better lives by serving as a transition away from tobacco use.

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